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North London PT

About Me

Private fitness studio based in the heart of Kings Cross.

Male and female trainers availible.



What Can I Do For You?

North London PT  (Personal Training) Fitness studio is committed to excellence.

Our Fitness studio is fully equipped with a shower facility and it's just a short walk from Kings Cross tube station.

You are here because you have fitness or weight goals you want to achieve. We are  fully qualified personal trainers based in London that will tailor your training to achieve your own specific goals.

We’ll guide you step by step with a personal training plan including diet and a targeted fitness programme. Whether you are looking to lose weight, tone up or just improve your fitness levels, your North London PT Personal Trainer will support and encourage you to achieve your perfect results.

We can assist you in our studio, your house, local park or online.

You are a call away to become a new you.

Get in touch to get hold of our discounted offers.


What Are My Charges?

Prices start from £75.00 per session


My Latest Promotions

  • Discounted trial session (£ 30) refundable once the customer purchases a package.
  • Outdoors sessions (prices based on packages)
  • Online sessions at a slight cheaper rate

What Are My Qualifications?

  • B.Sc. Strength & Conditioning Science
  • NASM - Certified Personal Trainer
  • Juice - Olympic lifting Instructor
  • LKB Academy - Kettlebell course
  • Premier - Certificate Level 4 for the Management of Low Back Pain
  • Premier - Level 3 Certificate in Exercise Referral
  • TRX - Suspension Training Certificate

What Training Do I Specialise In?

  • Body Sculpting
  • Core Conditioning
  • Exercise Referral
  • Martial Arts / Self Defence
  • Fitness 50+ / Seniors
  • Functional Training
  • Posture / Back Care
  • Strength Training / Conditioning
  • Nutrition & Weight Management
  • Alternative Therapies


North London PT

“I am now fitter, healthier, less stressed and much happier”

To be honest, before meeting Vincenzo I never imagined that I would ever have a personal trainer, I thought it was for professional athletes and the rich and famous. However Vincenzo approached me at a time when I knew that my clothes weren’t quite fitting, I knew that I was finding work very stressful, I knew that I wasn’t leading a particularly healthy lifestyle and I knew that even although I was going to the gym (well every so often) it wasn’t really helping. So what did I have to lose when he offered me a free trial session?Believe me, it was hard work but it was absolutely worth it. Vincenzo was very clear from the beginning that any results were going to be down to me and that they would take time – it’s not a quick fix but on the plus side it means that the benefits are longer lasting. I was a bit apprehensive to begin with, as I’d never done anything like this before, but each programme was a stepping stone to the next stage so you were always progressing and importantly feeling positive benefits as you went along. Plus the programmes were varied so it kept it interesting and enjoyable.

I’m proud to say that I achieved a great deal and much more than I expected. In a nutshell, I am now fitter, healthier, less stressed and much happier. I was genuinely surprised at the number of people; family, friends and work colleagues that noticed the change in my body shape and my healthier lifestyle. Several of my friends were even inspired to go to a personal trainer themselves! If you want to make a positive health change in your life, for whatever reason, I would without doubt recommend Vincenzos Personal Training  to help you achieve it.

Where I Train

1 to 1 Studio :Your Home :Park/Outdoor :


We use different types of training equipments such as Kettle Bells, Bands, TRX Balancing boards, Balls, bars, Dumbbells, mats, cables, ropes, power bags, rings, discs, body weight etc..

Geographical Areas Covered

  • Islington, London
  • Hampstead, London
  • Hackney, London
  • Camden Town, London
  • Marylebone, London


Get in Touch


07... Reveal07730455456


Useful Information

Member Since: Sep 2015

  • Insurance: Howden ()
  • First Aid: Edge Leisure

Gender: Male
Age: 39