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With over 250 fitness courses listed, why not fulfil your CPD requirements or just get yourself some new knowledge and skills. Search below by choosing the category - or use the search bar above.

Finding the best further fitness courses that provide learning and CPD is essential for you to keep your knowledge and skills both relevant and up to date. With CPD (Continued Professional Development) a requirement for UK personal trainers, the fitness industry is undergoing rapid change and following fitness courses will help you keep at the top of your game.

Can Courses Help Your Job Prospects?

So further learning courses and education, from weight loss through to children's training is now becoming essential not only for the Register of Exercise Professionals (REP's) CPD requirements, but for your own development and knowledge.

With increased and enhanced qualifications under your belt, you can look for new and more challenging  fitness jobs that suit your profile and experience. Or see the fitness course companies that choose to work with the

As well as the fitness industry asking for continued professional development for individuals (this you will see under it's acronymn of CPD) the competition has increased year on year for the best jobs, so having more

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