The NRPT was launched way back in 1991 and we are proud of our achievements in helping to vett the UK personal trainers that are our members.

This fitness trainer FAQ section is designed to bring you the answers to many of the personal training questions you may have. This covers the basic and most popular questions asked about our trainer register - the NRPT - as well as about personal trainers and their work.

Below and on the following pages we have broken down the questions into categories to make it easier for you to find which ones relate to your query.

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  • Who is the NRPT?

    The NRPT was founded in 1991 to fulfil the need for an organisation to represent the growing number of professional, qualified and committed personal trainers in the UK looking to build a client base.

    We are an independent organisation, providing a nationwide network of support through our regional managers, for all trainers involved in personal training. We work with a selected number of portals and national media companies to promote our trainers.

    The NRPT is recognised and has the support of the Government backed Register of Exercise Professionals, the National Sports Medicine Institute and the Sports Nutrition Foundation, London Central YMCA, the Fitness Industry Association, Fitness for Industry and many other health and fitness industry bodies.


  • How does the NRPT work?

    As an organisation we offer advertising to qualified, insured and experienced trainers that are looking for work across the UK. We check all their qualifications meet the requirement of level 3, and that they hold valid insurance and first aid certificates and only then accept them as members for a yearly membership fee.

    All trainers train within certain areas and when you search our directory you will find trainers that cover your area, even if they may live 20 miles away.

    You should have an initial meeting with each Personal Trainer which will give both of you the opportunity to find out whether you are comfortable with each other and your skills/requirements. Once you have decided on which Trainer you wish to work with, you simply get out your diary and put in the first training session! Most Personal Trainers will start with a full health check and lifestyle analysis to ensure that they are aware of all factors which could affect your training results.


  • How qualified are NRPT Personal Trainers? 

    There are now a number of companies which offer Personal Training courses, recognised by the Register of Exercise Professionals and we only offer membership to the NRPT to trainers who hold one of these qualifications, which are level 3, they must also have valid public liability insurance cover and first aid certification. We also encourage members to continue their education through YMCA and other respected bodies, by acquiring more specialised skills in for example ante/post natal, children's fitness, sports injuries, massage - any ancillary skills add to the range of services which can be offered.

    Please click here to check our specific qualification FAQs


  • How can I find a trainer?

    The NRPT provides a directory of trainers across the UK. By entering your postcode, town or village you can see whether there are trainers in your area that you can call to discuss your requirements. Click here to search for a trainer.


  • How do I prepare myself before calling a trainer?

    In short, you need to question why you want to have a trainer in the first place. What are your goals and objectives, do you really have time and many more seeking questions. This will ensure you are very positive when talking to a prospective trainer and will ensure you are able to guide them more easily so that you get the best out of them!

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