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Distance Learning Personal Trainer Courses

When you already have a job, but you want to change career, distance learning  personal training courses could be the answer. Learn whilst still earning and gain the qualifications from a reputable provider.

Taking personal trainer courses by distance learning in the UK can be an effective way to obtain a personal trainer certification. Distance learning personal trainer courses differ from online learning as it generally involves sending course materials by postal service. The student will obtain their learning materials in paper format at their home location.

The advantage of distance learning personal trainer courses is that the student is able to learn on their own schedule and progress at their own pace, similar to an online learning program.

How Does it Work?

The educational institution offering the distance learning personal trainer courses will have a range of faculty members that will assist you in your learning process. The tutors responsible for helping the students will be experts in the industry and will provide support in the learning initiative.

Several learning institutions in the UK offer distance learning programs for personal trainers that are accredited by the national licensing authorities such as CIMSPA. These distance learning courses are recognised by a variety of institutions such as professional associations, fitness facility employers, and other fitness industry governing bodies. 

There's a number of places that offer distance personal training courses. A lot of the time you can study your personal trainer program either online or by long distance with the paper based format. 

An example format for completing work could be as follows: 

The first two lessons are posted online with a question paper included as well. After completion of this, you have the option of either using fax or email to send back your responses then the next lessons are given to you.

The coursework is assessed on a continuous basis as the students must submit their questions after they complete each lesson and before they start on the next lesson. The reason for this learning structure is to ensure that the student is learning the material properly, and so that the tutor can monitor the progress that the student is making and interject advice when needed. The course work is intended to teach students how to apply the concepts that they learn to practical situations that they will encounter in the personal training business.

Is There Any Support?

Students who are studying via long distance will always have access to a tutor and be able to ask questions and receive feedback as needed. The tutors are professional in their field of study and they are dedicated to helping students to succeed.

The flexibility of the program is appealing to students and offers an easy way to learn, in a way that is most comfortable to the student. Students have the freedom that they need in order to balance their educational interests with their personal interests. The best part of learning in this way is that you are free to enroll at any time of the year as intake is year round.

Some institutions offer practical training with the course agendas as an option. The practical training sessions may be held on various days throughout the calendar year and a different location in the UK. These sessions allow students to apply what they have learned to real life situations. The hands on experience that students can gain can also allow them to pursue other more advanced qualifications.

Many institutions that are accredited with CIMSPA will allow their students to apply for insurance coverage for their business as a personal trainer.  Students may also be eligible to apply for other memberships depending upon the institution that they are studying at.


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