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Personal Training Providers

There are over 50 UK training providers that offer you everything from the Level 2 Gym Instructor course through to a Level 4 Master (or Advanced) Personal Trainer course. See which ones suit your needs below.

Why Compare Personal Training Courses?

One course is much the same as another, isn't it? In a word, No.

All REPs Level 3 approved courses are carefully monitored by the government-backed register. However, whilst the actual delivery may differ, the content of the courses will fit within the prescribed framework from REPs.

This means you have a choice over which company you choose for your course, safe in the knowledge you will be learning all the components that make you a persnoal trainer or gym instructor.

What Should I Consider When Choosing My Course?

We have a dedicated section on choosing a personal trainer course, however there are some quick and simple things you should put into a checklist :

i. How Much Time Do You Have?

Are you able to commit to a full time six week course to become a personal trainer?

ii. What's your budget?








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