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As well as our location search, the larger cities we have laid out in a quick alphabetical list to help you. Look for all top cities for personal trainers and personal training courses now.

The simplest way for you to find qualified and insured personal trainers by City is to check our lists below. Yes the odd large town may have sneaked in (and we may have forgotten a city or two like Wells) but these are the largest population centres in the UK and therefore finding personal trainers and training courses is of more importance for more people.

Rest Of UK

Wherever you are in the UK, we usually can provide coverage of at least one qualified and insured personal trainer to help you with your fitness goals. The works hard to bring together information that can help you make informed decisions as well as make life easy.

Who Are We?

The NRPT is the UK's leading online source of qualified and insured personal trainers to the public with over 800 trainers covering the whole of the UK. Always check for insurance and qualification certificates and always meet for the first time in a public place.


UK Personal Trainers

There are something like 3000 personal trainers dotted across the UK. Not all are suitably qualified and not all are suitable insured. trainers we check thoroughly to ensure they have the right qualifications and are also adequately insured (you shoudl be asking for £2m - £5m Public Liability.

The has over 800 active members right across the UK and covering the following towns and cities. Simply click the link to see the personal trainers that cover your area. You can make contact with them via our contact form, or call them if that suits you better.

A : Personal Trainers in Aberdeen

B : Personal Trainers in Belfast, Personal Trainers in Birmingham, Personal Trainers in Brighton, Personal Trainers in Bradford, Personal Trainers in Bristol

C : Personal Trainers in Cardiff, Personal Trainers in Coventry

D : Personal Trainers in Dundee

E : Personal Trainers in Edinburgh, Personal Trainers in Exeter

G : Personal Trainers in Glasgow

H : Personal Trainers in Hull

L : Personal Trainers in Leeds, Personal Trainers in Leicester, Personal Trainers in Liverpool, Personal Trainers in London

M : Personal Trainers in Manchester

N : Personal Trainers in Newcastle, Personal Trainers in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Personal Trainers in Norwich, Personal Trainers in Nottingham

R : Personal Trainers in Reading

S : Personal Trainers in Sheffield, Personal Trainers in Southampton, Personal Trainers in Sunderland

T : Personal Trainers in Tunbridge Wells

Y : Personal Trainers in York


Personal Training Courses :

As with personal trainers, personal training courses need to be the right sort and the right calibre. We only promote courses from the UK's leading training providers to ensure we are endorsing courses that are bonefide. There are around 80 different UK providers at any one time, but few last as long as the ones we promote. So click on your town or city to see if there are courses in your area.

Find the best centres to get yourself qualified as a fitness professional from our list below. Quick and simple guide to UK cities.

A : Personal Training Courses in Aberdeen

B : Personal Training Courses in Belfast, Personal Training Courses in Birmingham, Personal Training Courses in Brighton, Personal Training Courses in Bristol

C : Personal Training Courses in Cardiff, Personal Training Courses in Coventry

E : Personal Training Courses in Edinburgh, Personal Training Courses in Exeter

G : Personal Training Courses in Glasgow

L : Personal Training Courses in Leeds, Personal Training Courses in Leicester, Personal Training Courses in Liverpool, Personal Training Courses in London

M : Personal Training Courses in Manchester

N : Personal Training Courses in Newcastle, Personal Training Courses in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Personal Training Courses in Norwich, Personal Training Courses in Nottingham

R : Personal Training Courses in Reading

S : Personal Training Courses in Sheffield

S : Personal Training Courses in Southampton, Personal Training Courses in Sunderland

T : Personal Training Courses in Tunbridge Wells

Y : Personal Training Courses in York


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As we have said previously, we can help you find insured and qualified personal trainers and we can help you compare training providers for courses that suit your needs. You don't need to stick with us, however thousands of people every month do, because we've been here for 17 years providing quality and informative information to help you.


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