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Personal Trainer Insurance

If you're training clients, then you MUST HAVE adequate personal trainer insurance! This is non-negotiable in today's litigious society you should ensure that you get a minimum of £5m cover.

As an NRPT member we are able, through our insurance brokers, to provide a comprehensive Public Liability Protection Policy for personal trainers. This provides you with Public Liability Insurance Cover of £5 million indemnity (It includes Professional Indemnity). You can see more details with this link to public liability protection insurance.

If you are applying for NRPT membership and personal trainer insurance together you can simply opt to include the PT insurance and once your payment is taken and verified, you'll receive an email with all your paperwork in.

What Does this Personal Trainer Insurance Cover?

We have provided a complete overview of the Public & Professional Indemnity Insurance which you are free to download a copy of the Policy Summary.

Please note : Unlike a lot of other popular personal training insurance policies, our cover includes padwork and boxing-type exercises and workouts.

What if I am Not An NRPT Member?

If you are not already an NRPT member please see all the joining details and information on how to join the NRPT.

For an annual fee you can benefit from not only our personal trainer insurance but from leads and enquiries from around the UK.

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