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Latest Search Stats

So you can get an idea of the number of searches we get each month, the following data shows the number of unique searches for personal trainers in some key cities around the UK. We also receive a lot of searches by postcode, but this data has not been included in the stats you see below.



Unique Searches for PTs *

Sept - Oct 2017

London ** 16,546
Birmingham 2,646
Leeds 723
Glasgow 607
Sheffield 472
Bradford 406
Edinburgh 334
Liverpool 463
Manchester 966
Bristol 687
Cardiff 297
Coventry 672
Nottingham 532
Leicester 719
Sunderland 271
Belfast 303
Newcastle Upon Tyne 823
Brighton 390
Reading 426

* All results exclude postcode search stats
** London results are for inner M25 and all Greater London areas - not postcode searches


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