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If you want to find the right personal trainer course, make sure you check out how much they cost before you sign up. The price of a Level 3 varies between training providers and for different types of course.

 In the UK there are a variety of courses and personal trainer course prices that are available to prospective students of the personal training and fitness industry. The price of a course will vary according to how the course is administered, and what the certification is that the student will complete the course with.

Because there's so many different ways that one can become a personal trainer, there's really not a single answer as to how much this training course will cost a prospective student. In this article we provide you with an estimate as to how much the course will cost you and what it will entail.


How Much will it Cost?

personal trainer course pricesTo gain a full Level 3 qualification as a personal trainer, you can expect to spend up to around £2,500 as an average course price. The type of course will likely offer you training in first aid as well as the basic level of fitness training courses necessary for gaining entry level certification into the industry.

It will also cost money to ensure that your qualifications are kept up to date with industry standards. You may be interested in gaining specialized training and certification in different areas of the personal training industry.

Each additional course can cost several hundred pounds although you will not need to pay for these immediately upon taking your first certification in the personal training industry. Depending upon what you want to achieve with your certification will allow you to make the decision of how much you want to invest in your personal training program.


Are there Other Ways to Pay?

You may also be able to pay your training fees in installment plans to the institution that you are taking your courses through. If you are eligible for an apprenticeship program you may be able to save yourself money as some of these programs are government funded.  You can find information on these types of programs by doing a search on the internet.

These programs may be offered by distance learning or as an in class type of study program. The in class programs are generally more expensive than the distance programs. You will usually find that by studying in class you will be able to finish the course faster and gain employment sooner.

Programs that offer hands on experience and training are the most effective way to learn, but they are not the only way to learn. Some people will learn better in an interactive environment and others will learn just as well as an individual who is studying on their own.

Below is an example of what it costs to be a personal trainer in the UK. The price that includes training with the use of the gym is more expensive (than if the training is not conducted in the gym) in this particular cost and training scenario.


Course Prices Examples


Full Time Master Personal Trainer Diploma

Full Time  |   £1949  |   £2549 (price with Gym)


Full Time Personal Trainer Certificate

Full Time  |  £1549  |  £2049 (price with Gym)


Part Time Master Personal Trainer Diploma

Part Time  |  £1850  |  £2200 (price with Gym)


Part Time Personal Trainer Certificate

Part Time  |  £1399  |  £1699 (price with Gym)


Compare, Compare, Compare

The prospective student of the personal training program should check into various programs to find the best program for them, one that will both suit their needs and be the most cost effective.

When considering the personal training program, you will also want to take into consideration how well respected this educational institution is in the fitness industry as this could affect you career outlook.

** These are only indicative costs, you must check with each provider on the exact costs involved at personal training courses section.

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