10 Reasons to Get Yourself a Personal Trainer

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There's loads of reasons why we think you should get yourself a personal trainer. From losing weight to toning up, preparing for a race to recovering from an injury. Personal trainers can help you achieve your goals by looking at your current levels of fitness and advising you on how to achieve the next level.

Whatever your reasons check our quick list below to see if it sounds familiar - if it does, then you're probably safe to suggest you need a personal trainer!

  1. You're Seeing No Results from Exercising

    Over a number of weeks or months you've been working hard in the gym. But you're not losing weight, not toning up or can't increase those weights like everyone else? A PT is perfect in this instance as they can assess what you're doing, why it's not working and what other changes you may need to make. From setting you new goals to motivating you with small wins, it's a simple way to start seeing those results - fast!

  2. Boredom is Preventing you from Going to the Gym

    This is common for many people. It can go hand in hand with the above too. It's said that variety is the spice of life, and for exercising it's no different. Doing the same old routine and exercies everytime you workout IS boring. Get a fresh set of eyes on your workout and you'll find about 10 different ways to work the same muscles.

  3. Overwhelmed with Where to Start Changing Your Exercise

    Sometimes the Internet is a good thing - looking for inspiration for your workouts online could be the exact opposite. There are thousands of websites and millions of ways to workout - where do you start? A qualified and experienced personal trainer will asses your goals, find out what you enjoy and then construct a workout that will work for you. It should challenge, keep you interested and of course help you reach your goals.

  4. You Need Advice on Getting Started

    Ok you've seen how being overwhelmed can stop some from ever getting in the gy, .But what if you're in the gym and know a few exercises, but want to set yourself some targets or goals. From being able to last 10 minutes on a rower through to leg pressing the 100kg. Whatever your goal, a personal trainer can help you focus on achievable goals as part of a bigger picture. They have all the knowledge to statr from the very beginning, right through to National level athletes in some cases.

  5. You've Got/Had an Injury

    Rehabilitation is one of the fastest growing areas for personal trainers who want to gorw their businesses. Making sure you rget back into shape or start to use that broken leg is a vital part of rehab to get you back to where you were before the accident or illness. Many personal trainers take extended courses specifically to be able to help build you back up, and put in place some strength that may help to prevent future problems. Worth it's weight in gold.

  6. That Marathon/Sporting Event is Looming Large

    Yes you've bet your local pub you can run a marathon and your pride is forcing you to go through with it. Ok that may be an extreme scenario, but whatever your challenge, why not seek a professional's help to ensure you are both fit enough and capable of completing your challenge. For some events you may need a trainer with a specific skill, but most trainers can help with the smaller events and runs up to 10k.

  7. You Don't Know Which Workouts You Want

    Most beginners and intermediates will have a very very small collection of exercises that you know and understand how to perform. If you have ideas about what you want to achieve, then a personal trainer can ensure your workout encompasses the right exercises to help you achieve your goals. This shoudl not be underestimated. You will save time and money with a personal trainer. You will also likely see results far quicker - giving you even more motivation!

  8. Getting Motivation will Change Everything

    Some of us struggle with motivation. It's nearly always easier to find an excuse not to go to the gym, or not to get your workout clothes out when you want to start some exercise. Having to pay for an appointment means you have no choice! You won't get a refund, so you may as well as go. The principle is similar to having a training partner. Only this time you have a professional at your beck and call. If you want to do something a little different - be bold - just tell them that!

  9. You Want to Understand The Exercises You Do

    Some of us are not happy to blindly pick up some dumbbells and copy an exercise on Youtube. If you want to understand more about your body and exercise there's two real choices. Take a degree in sports science or do a personal training course OR why not use a personal trainer and ask them why you're working out the way you are. They will be more than happy to help you - provided you don't get too good at it! This way you get to understand more about exercising, nutrition, working out and how you can vary your workouts accordingly.

  10. It's Just Not Working Right Now

    The truth is we all get this way sometimes! Even the hardiest of PTs and gym users get some 'gym fatigue' at some point. A personal trainer will know how to change it all round to get you back on track. From changing the time you workout, to changing from strength to CV workouts. The number of ways they can tweak and play with your workout time - there will be little room for boredom.

In Summary

All of the above reasons are good ones for investing in a personal trainer. Did you know that even one hour a month could make all the difference in focuing your workouts, aiming for specific objectives and giving you the motivation to be able to workout on your own?

As well as one to one personal training, why not consider boot camps or even exercise classes. Changing what you do each time will really help too.

By Ian Duncan

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