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Samsta Fitness

About Me

Over 18 years experience in the fitness industry. My philosophy is to train everyone with maximum effectiveness while you enjoy the process.

What Can I Do For You?

Born, raised and educated in London, United Kingdom, Sammy is a fully certified Personal Trainer officially since 2014. He has been in the fitness industry since 2003 working with a big range of clients and all of their different goals and challenges in both the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. In that time he has happily used his passion for the sport to educate and help tens of thousands of people online from all around the world with his vast knowledge on exercising with a purpose, effective muscle growth techniques, and fat reduction the right way.


Sammy has a fun yet progressive approach to personal training. His philosophy is to train everyone with maximum effectiveness. This means he helps and guides you to perform exercises in a safe yet effective way using a science-based approach utilising techniques and positioning in a way that the body was meant to move and function according to how the muscles in your body are attached and how your anatomy is set up, all while having fun and enjoying the sessions along the way. When exercises are performed using his techniques, injuries can then be prevented, goals can be achieved much more easily and you can be assured that every bit of energy and sweat you put in to your workouts will not be wasted!


If this sounds like what you're looking for, then get in touch with Sammy via any of the contact options here or through Instagram @samstafitness

What Are My Charges?

Prices start from £65.00 per session


My Latest Promotions

  • Book a monthly package and get a free consultation

What Are My Qualifications?

  • City & Guilds - Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training
  • Future Fit - Personal Trainer Diploma
  • City & Guilds Level 2 in instructing Exercise and Fitness (Gym Based Exercise)
  • Future Fit - Advanced Resistance Training (The Series)
  • Future Fit - Behaviour Change Coaching
  • Future Fit - Building Your Fitness Business
  • Future Fit - Circuit Training
  • Future Fit - Core Training
  • Future Fit - Exercise for Fat Loss
  • Future Fit - Functional Equipment Training
  • Future Fit - Nutrition & Weight Management

What Training Do I Specialise In?

  • Bodybuilding
  • Circuit Training
  • Weight Loss
  • Toning
  • Functional Training
  • Group Fitness
  • Strength Training / Conditioning
  • Core Conditioning
  • Body Sculpting
  • Nutrition & Weight Management


"I trained with Sammy for over a year and can honestly say he is the best PT around. After having 3 kids, I had lost confidence in how I looked and had not only gained weight, but also suffered from poor posture, back and hip pain. Sammy created a tailored plan that really worked for me and around my hectic schedule. He was extremely supportive and motivational, and really took the time to ensure I understood the importance of each exercise, how my problem areas were all linked and advised me on prevention techniques. His advice has been invaluable and has really empowered me to continually improve and challenge myself. I can’t recommend him highly enough!" - Fatima Helabi


"The level of professionalism is amazing, as a girl I was a bit apprehensive getting a guy for a trainer because you hear all of these funny stories. But I’m so glad I trusted in Sammy because he was so far from that. He was tough but fun and really motivational and I enjoyed the course of our workouts. With following all advise from him I was able to see and feel results quicker than I expected!! I 100% wholeheartedly recommend Sammy to anyone starting out he actually makes the experience fun instead of it being a chore but the same effective! Thank you again Sammy for all the the sweat, support and results!" - Lina Noureddine


"I highly recommend Sammy as a PT. Used him previously and he is very friendly and easy going guy until it comes time to work hard in the gym!The great thing about Sammy is his planning and attention to detail, the workouts I thought I would be doing (pushing heavy weights etc) was not what I needed at all for my goals which was burning fat and increasing fitness so we focused a lot on explosive movement type exercises. After around a month I could see the improvements to my fitness, from not being able to do 3 sets of Abs workouts to holding a plank for 3 minutes, and a massive increase in my vertical jump. My only complaint is he needs to change the football team he supports!" - Musab Birader


"Having Sammy as a personal trainer has been amazing!! He’s a great motivator and makes you feel like you’re progressing in each session with results that show - I feel like a different woman! Having trained in body building gyms for a number of years beforehand, I thought I had a good handle on strength training; I was surprised to see my strength, technique and confidence grow in his sessions. I came to him with some experience in exercise; but his attention to detail and technique is like no other trainer I’ve spent time with, and his genuine care for how you move towards your goal is an especially lovely quality he possesses. He can adapt workouts to support your intended goals and change things quickly to maximise results. He also worked on areas of weakness and overall form which meant my training would become more advanced and effective. He made me feel at ease instantly with his warm style and added a sprinkle of fun and laughter to every set, rep and exercise… :) I’ve regained my enjoyment in weight training and learnt much more than before. If you’re looking for an experienced PT who loves his job, challenges you and makes you improve on performance then Sammy is your man. I couldn’t have been happier with his programmes and all round passion for his job! Even on days I didn’t want to train, Sammy showed up with a presence that reminded you to get down to business and push through, all with a smile on your face. He is reliable and hugely knowledgeable which is rare in this industry. Thank you Sammy for being awesome! Would definetly recommend to anyone looking to love their fitness journey as much as I have." - Dr. Monica Charalambides


"I had been training with Sammy consistently for about a year. Before meeting him I hadn’t been able to go to the gym any more than 2 days in a row before giving up completely. Since starting with him, he made my exercises very enjoyable and we always had such interesting and fun conversations during the training sessions. Every session was full of laughter, jokes, and great discussions guaranteed during my rest periods between sets and exercises. I think because he made it so enjoyable, this was the main reason why I was able to stay so consistent at the gym for the first time in my life and he ensured I was progressing well along the way too which helped me achieve great results that I hadn’t seen before. Thank you for all your help and knowledge you passed down to me and for always being so patient throughout it all. I really appreciate it." ​- Florin Stoian

Where I Train

In a Gym :1 to 1 Studio :


We have a huge range of equipment to train with:

  • Free weights (dumbbells ranging from 2kg to 50kg and olympic barbells as well as fixed weight barbells)
  • Kettlebells
  • Battle ropes
  • Adjstable benches
  • Steps
  • Swiss (stability) ball
  • Squat racks
  • Medicine balls
  • Leg press machine
  • Lat pulldown machine
  • Seated row machine
  • Twin pulley cable machine
  • Prowler (sled)
  • Dip bars
  • Pullup bars
  • Hyperextension bench
  • Resistance bands
  • Landmine attachment
  • Weight plates

Geographical Areas Covered

  • Fulham, London
  • Chelsea, London
  • East Putney, London
  • Hammersmith, London
  • Kensington, London

Get in Touch


07... Reveal07958296655


Useful Information

Member Since: Mar 2022

  • Insurance: Insure4Sport (I4S607899)
  • First Aid: Adult & Pediatric CPR / AED / Standard First Aid

Gender: Male
Age: 37