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About Me

Hello and Welcome

Personal Trainers in Fulham – LetsGetUfit

We are an experienced, enthusiastic and professional team of fitness trainers, working in many different areas of London. We know that being fit and healthy is a journey, not a destination. There’s no secret diet, exercise or spell that will lead to the body you’ve always wished for (as far as we’re aware!). However, we at LetsGetUFit Personal Trainers believe that knowledge is power. The capacity to change your life for the better is in following diet advice and exercise techniques that are specific to YOUR needs. With the right guidance, determination, and mindset, you will have the power to become a fitter, healthier U…

As professional Personal Trainers in Fulham,

we offer tailored exercise programs for all types of clients. From fat loss to pre/postnatal and body transformations. Although demanding, our training sessions are designed to be as fun and effective as possible. We ensure you see results faster than ever. Furthermore, ‘muscle confusion’ is achieved by periodically varying the type of exercise you perform. This means that your body has to adapt in response to this new workload.

LetsGetUFit Personal Trainers is based in South West London

We are mainly gym-free. We train clients in their own homes or in public places (we even offer a 10% discount for certain parks!). Using our own equipment, such as TRX® and boxing pads, we use a variety of training techniques. This means we will push your body in a non-intimidating environment. We can, however, provide workout sessions in one of our studios. It is equipped with free weights and squat racks where we can teach you those compound moves you thought were never possible. If this is what you’ve been searching for, then please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you and start changing your life for the better. It’s time to GetUFit…

What Can I Do For You?

Ever since I was a young Catalonian boy, I’ve always been interested in sport as it’s a big a passion of mine. I have played all different types of sport in life, from football to kick boxing. I’m a firm believer that with the right actitude in sport, this will help you to be more disciplined in life.

Whether you are a seasoned athlete or new to exercise, I have the right knowledge and skills to guide you towards your goals. Having been a fully qualified PT since 2006, I always ensure my sessions are varied and fun, whilst making sure you are pushed in terms of your abilities. No barrier is too difficult to overcome, it’s time to GetUFit…


What Are My Charges?

Prices start from £60.00 per session

What Are My Qualifications?

  • Active IQ - Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training (QCF)

What Training Do I Specialise In?

  • Boxing & Padwork
  • Circuit Training
  • Suspension Training
  • Core Conditioning
  • Fitness Classes
  • Flexibility & Mobility
  • Pre & Post-Natal
  • Kettlebell Training
  • Functional Training
  • Bodybuilding


I have been training with Alex for 6 weeks now and I have been very impressed with Alex's knowledge of training methods and nutrition. His sessions are varied and include a number of different training methods and techniques-which always keeps things interensting.

I am already seeing a benefit to the way I look and feel and have lost 6kg (from 90kg yo 84kg) I would recommend Alex to anyone looking to improve their health and fitness as he is able to tailor training programmes to clients specific needs.

 -Tom, 30, South kensington

I initially started training with Alex to prepare for a half marathon I signed up for. Now that that’s over, I have continued my training because he gives me the motivation that I need. I have benefited by becoming stronger, leaner and am starting to see a difference in my body shape. Our sessions are always hard work but with an element of fun, enjoyment being important to keep me motivated. I have started to gain definition and am eating more healthily, feel more energetic and look better. I would definitely recommend Alex at whatever level of fitness.

- Harpreet, 30, Vauxhall

I would like to state that since Alex has been assisting me with my personal training I have been extremely happy, focussed and motivated! Finally I'm on my way to getting the results I desire. His method is intense and he is committed to the improvement of my health and well being.

- Pratima, 34, Hammersmith

"I trained with Alex for six months following an injury. He is great fun, always pushed me that little bit more, he kept the workouts interesting and I noticed a significant improvement in my all round fitness and strength."

- Cathy, 45, Wandsworth Common.

It is with pleasure I compose this testimonial for Alex Ferres Crespo. I've been attending the gym for some years and, up until recently, have never seriously considered personal training sessions outside in the park. I have been enjoying personal training sessions with Alex since May 2014.
In May 2014 I was fortunate to experience a ‘refresh’ programme with Alex and his understanding of the body and how to train it was immediately evident, and indeed, he takes it seriously. Compounding this, his infectious enthusiasm is constantly challenging and inspiring you to achieve results.
My life involves a demanding job, long working hours and much travelling, so in addition to physical results it’s important for me to enjoy these personal training sessions. It’s refreshing to acknowledge Alex takes a professional, vested interest in my training, posing thoughtful challenges and altering the routine to focus on what’s necessary, all whilst injecting an element of fun into the session. I feel I am able to contribute my needs to the programme such that Alex is able to structure considered sessions.
I highly recommend Alex to you!

- Travis, 33, Chelsea


Where I Train

In a Gym :1 to 1 Studio :Your Home :Park/Outdoor :


We have a variety of training equipment. This includes;

TRX Suspension Trainer

TRX Rip Trainer (New)


Medicine ball 


Strengthening bands

Swiss Ball

Core stability bands

Boxing gloves

Balance Boards

Sports Ladder

Battle Ropes

Slam Balls

Geographical Areas Covered

  • Fulham, London
  • Mayfair, London
  • Notting Hill, London
  • Merton, London
  • Putney, London


Get in Touch


07... Reveal07870946561


Useful Information

Member Since: Jun 2015

  • Insurance: Insure4Sport (I4S485560)
  • First Aid: I2 training

Gender: Male
Age: 35