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Melanie Wright
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Melanie Wright

About Me

Fully-qualified and insured Personal Trainer delivering Premium Personal Training services across East & Central London.

What Can I Do For You?

I am a fully-qualified Personal Trainer delivering Premium Personal Training services across East & Central London. 
My style of personal training is unique because all of the programmes I write for my clients are completely unique and catered to each specific individual. You will lose body fat, achieve your fitness goals, and you will enjoy the process. 
I will listen to what you want to achieve from our training and I'll write you a programme that will allow you to finally achieve those goals in the fastest possible amount of time. I will analyse how your body moves to ensure that the exercises you are doing are right for your body (fun fact about me - I squat lower with a bar at the front of my body rather than the back as I can get lower and activate my glutes more!). Therefore, you know that your programme will be perfectly catered to you as the exercises will always be right for you and you will achieve the results you desire fast. 
I fully understand that many people find the concept of health and fitness very confusing and sometimes intimidating due to the media and so much false information circulating all the time. I'm passionate about teaching my clients about how to work out efficiently and effectively so that the concept of health and fitness is far less confusing. Working out with me is challenging and fun. All of my clients leave their sessions feeling strong, confident and like they have learned something new during the session.

- Private studio based in Shoreditch (no hidden fees).
- Available for home visits.
- Free consultation.

What Are My Charges?

Prices start from £60.00 per session

What Are My Qualifications?

  • YMCA Diploma in Personal training

What Training Do I Specialise In?

  • Boxing & Padwork
  • Circuit Training
  • Core Conditioning
  • Fitness Classes
  • Group Fitness
  • Kettlebell Training
  • Spinning
  • Weight Loss
  • Toning
  • Strength Training / Conditioning

Other Professional Bodies & Affiliations

  • Register of Exercise ProfessionalsLevel 3


“I hadn’t exercised for a while due to personal health issues, and was ready to get back out there again, but needed a little push to get my motivation back. So, I started training with Melanie late October 2017 (signing up for 12 sessions with her).  Before I started my first session Melanie and I discussed what I wanted to achieve, what I liked (boxing as a CV workout), and what I disliked. Melanie listened to me, and incorporated all of my likes into my session with her. She, also put together a workout plan that I could do on my own outside of my two PT sessions a week with her. The sessions I had with Melanie were hard (which is what I needed), and most times I would have muscle ache (which is great), the day after I had a session with her. Melanie no longer works at the gym that I go to (which is a shame) as I know I would definitely have continued my PT sessions with her if the gym that she now works for wasn’t so far from home! :o( With Melanie’s personality, and likeability, as well as putting me through some tough sessions, I would recommend her to anyone. Also, Melanie is very professional, knows her stuff and is a pleasure to be around.”

- Stephanie, Former Client


“I started training with Mel a few weeks ago and I can honestly say I'm so glad I started with her. We get on more like friends than a trainer and a client, and she is one of the warmest and funniest people going. We have a session at the beginning of the week and then she sets me subsequent workouts to complete on my own time - they help me keep my week in order and I genuinely always look forward to doing them. We've only been working together for a short amount of time but I have already seen and felt a difference in the way I look and carry myself. I am the most body confident I think I've ever been and I 100% put that down to her."

- Catrin, Client at Gymbox Bank


"Since I’ve started seeing Mel I’ve noticed a real positive change in not just my physical self but my mental self! She gets to know you and how the gym fits into your life so you always know that your plan will be perfect for you. And if you need a motivator - she’s definitely it! Never thought I’d say I’m actually excited to go to the gym..."

- Rosie, Client at Gymbox Bank



"I started the PT sessions with Melanie shortly after I signed up at my current gym. I always been active, but never really achieved any significant changes. So, for awhile I was contemplating starting PT sessions, but felt intimidated by it.
Already on our first session, Melanie made me feel really comfortable with the idea of working with her. She explained exactly how her sessions are usually created but ensured it will be customised to my needs. Given my previous back injuries I needed someone who will take this into account when creating the workouts for me. She listened to me closely and made sure I am comfortable with her suggestions. I explained to her which areas I wanted to work on and how I have been failing on my own to make a big difference. She created a great plan for me and within our first couple of sessions I started to see big differences! That feeling was incredible, and all while enjoying the gym actually! I love going for my workouts with her, they are always fun I feel like I am meeting my friend rather then a drill instructor! Do not get me wrong I suffer from muscle ache on the next days (which is what you want:P), but it is great fun!
I do not think that I would have achieved this much without her, and I am looking forward to my next sessions :) "
- Ras, Client at Gymbox Bank

Where I Train

In a Gym :1 to 1 Studio :Your Home :


Boxing equipment provided.

Geographical Areas Covered

  • London
  • London
  • Southwark, London
  • Maryland, London

Get in Touch


07... Reveal07576026443


Useful Information

Member Since: Jul 2018

  • Insurance: REPs Howden (9288695)
  • First Aid:

Gender: Female