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Body Side

About Me

A personal workout under the supervision of a qualified and experienced instructor will not only push you to achieve your goals but also make exercising fun!!!

 Whether you want to lose weight, keep fit or turn your fat into muscles, nothing is impossible!!!A specially-tailored workout to suit you and your needs is what I guarantee.



What Can I Do For You?

My name is Margaret Wojciechowska.
I am a qualified, experienced and enthusiastic Personal Trainer and Studio Instructor who has several years’ experience where fitness has always been an integral part of my life.
It started out as a passion for keeping and being fit, and later this ethos evolved into an occupation that I started 9 years ago.

I graduated from the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw with a Master's thesis on the motivation and physical condition of people participating in fitness and sports classes.
I completed my Personal Training Qualifications at Profi Fitness School. I also passed the State Diploma, which has allowed me to conduct fitness classes to music.

I know how important it is to regularly update my qualifications.
I continue to work on my professional development and regularly attend new courses and workshops.

My sessions are dynamic and popular. They contain different forms of exercises to make them interesting, attractive and effective.
I take care to ensure that my clients not only perform the exercises correctly but enjoy the workouts as well.
I am passionate about exercise and this comes through in the way I teach as I do not consider this to be my just job as it is also my hobby.
 I always try to inspire others with my passion and energy. It gives me great satisfaction to help others achieve a healthy lifestyle and seeing them progress gives me great motivation to work.

I have a number of clients, many of whom come from the House of Parliament and The Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
Indeed, it was some of these clients who put my name forward for instructor of the year which I won in 2016.


What Are My Charges?

Prices start from £60.00 per session

What Are My Qualifications?

  • Active IQ - Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training (QCF)
  • Overseas qualification
  • Certificate in indoor cycling
  • Round Dynamics Swiss Ball Instructor
  • YMCA High Intensity Training

What Training Do I Specialise In?

  • Circuit Training
  • Core Conditioning
  • Functional Training
  • Spinning
  • Fitness Classes
  • Toning

Other Professional Bodies & Affiliations

  • Boxercise

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"I have been attending Maggie's classes (HiiT, Body Blast and Spin) for almost 3 years. I have always been into fitness and have worked with a number of fitness professionals before but none have helped me achieve the results that I've seen from attending Maggie's classes. I finally have the figure I've sought for years and am stronger than ever. Since cross training with Maggie I regularly hit personal bests in my running. I now do everything I can to protect and prioritise my attendance at her three weekly classes. She is friendly, knowledgeable and highly motivating. Her classes are always varied, continually challenging and whilst she adapts sessions to individual ability she will steer you in such a way that you are achieving much more than you thought possible.

Thanks to Maggie, I am now the fittest I've ever been and inspired to maintain it. "

- Natalie Doherty, Westminster Gym


This is a difficult recommendation to write as there are many positives to outline. I wandered in to one of Maggie’s classes on a whim a year ago looking to try something new and haven’t looked. I’ve tried lots of different exercise, regimes, diets none of which have ever stuck. I established that morning routines on my own was the best and meant I actually made it to the gym but, as always, training on your own rarely delivers results you crave and boredom quickly settled in.

It had been a long time since I did a class and was first apprehensive about what fitness level I would be.

I cannot comment enough on how Maggie took time to understand me and was the first person in a long time to ask about any injuries.

 I’m currently on the waiting list for knee replacement surgery which means I can be a needy client. During the first class, Maggie took time to adjust some of my moves, sought feedback on how my knee was feeling and took time to perfect my technique.

After one class, I was hooked and quickly turned the day she is in my office to my ‘Maggie Day’ and did both of her classes as I loved them so much. Maggie classes always pitches her classes at respective clients capability, makes time for feedback and perfect our techniques.

I believe she pays attention to each individual and takes time to learn your capabilities which she uses to either improve your performance or push you a little further. Sometimes, Maggie will say to me in class that I can try a more challenging technique of a movement as well as other options for other class members.

I really admire this about her and feel like she’s invested in her knowledge of me and understands what I am capable.

I therefore completely trust that I am safe in her hands and she has my best interests at heart. You will never be bored when training with Maggie, she always researches new concepts, focuses on different areas and is receptive to what clients want to focus on.

 Everyone in our class holds Maggie in high regard and the changing room post class is always gushing with feedback. We all have moments when we don’t want to hit the gym and even when I want to stay in my bed (or one time when I had too many wines the night before!) if it’s a Maggie day I always make the effort as I love how effective she is and how much fun I have. Yes, I have fun!

I will always feel sad if I miss one of her classes and make every effort I can not to. Her clients loyalty is a testimony to how much of a lovely young woman Maggie is. Her integrity and commitment is unflappable and admiring. She is also a lovely, approachable, polite and fun individual who has become a friend. I implore everyone to have a Maggie day!"

- Jen Blakeney,  Foreign and Commonwealth Office

'Maggie is a wonderful teacher who inspires and motivates her students with her passion for her work, her deep understanding and knowledge of fitness, and her uplifting presence. In group classes, Maggie still connects with each of the students individually through skilful and sensitive class management techniques, and she is always ready to support individuals if needed; this creates an incredibly warm, personal exercise environment, with each student supported and brought to their best. Maggie's routines are superb, and the time and care that Maggie puts into designing the routines with the music is clear from the ever changing and interesting selection of music and exercise that maintains motivation and engagement at optimum levels. Maggie is also very sensitive to the mood and manner of each class, and smoothly adjusts her routines through track selection to match the current class - Maggie knows exactly when to push her students in a positive and proactive manner to help them achieve their best, and models exercises with several flexible options to accommodate multi-level classes. I've also particularly been impressed by Maggie's close attention to health and safety - ensuring all class participants are using the equipment properly and stepping in to guide and adjust if not, and always ensuring full time for stretching and cool down. In short, Maggie is an outstanding teacher and coach whose expertise in fitness, skill in teaching and training, and warm and engaging persona mean that she gets the best out of her students, and make her an incredible team member for any gym or fitness centre.'

- Danny Whitehead, Southbank Club 



'In February 2016 I joined the Westminster gym to try to get myself back in
shape after many years of not attending the gym and doing very little
exercise. I started off well and trained hard by myself mainly using free
weights but soon got bored of doing the same things over and over again, I
then decided I did not want to bulk-up and decided I wanted to burn body fat
and do more cardio exercises which was something I have never tried to
I decided to give the gym classes a go and see if it was for me or not as I had
never attended a gym class before, I started with Maggie`s HIIT class and
then the Body blast class which worked very well, I attended the classes for
12 months and can honestly say attending these classes has changed my
perspective on attending gyms. Prior to attending Maggie`s classes I would
of looked at what weights a gym facility had available but now I look for
what classes are available at the gym, never did I think the gym classes
could be so enjoyable and give such big results.
After 12 months of attending Maggie`s classes I lost over a stone in weight
(with no diet and eating as I always have), I now have muscle definition like
I have never had before, I am the healthiest I have ever been in my life
(physically and mentally), every day of the week I would have aching
muscles which told me they were getting a good workout from the classes
and finally I have worked muscles which I must not of used in years which has given me much better flexibility.

I worked 220 miles away from home at the Palace Of Westminster for 18
months which was very difficult due to being so far from home and my
daughter, the only thing I enjoyed about working there was Maggie`s
classes. Maggie is a strong minded woman who dedicates all of her
attention to each and every individual in the class, Maggie is always looking
for new ways to excite the class with new challenges and exercises. I would
recommend Maggie and her ability to train/teach to anyone no matter what the person is looking to achieve.

Thank you Maggie.'

- Ashley Traynor Houses of Parliament



"Maggie is a brilliant personal trainer. I cannot speak highly enough of her. Every class Maggie gives is different to the last; she focuses on the bits that women and men are particularly keen to tone; she pitches her classes in line with her clients’ respective capabilities and thresholds; she monitors clients carefully, correcting movements gently, thereby preventing bad habits developing. Maggie is warm and caring, honest and kind. We have all been struck by her integrity and commitment. She genuinely cares about her class. Most importantly, her classes work! It’s no wonder that her Wednesday morning class is routinely over-subscribed, and there was a recent clamour for more of her classes."

- Fiona,  Foreign and Commonwealth Office


'Well what can I say about Maggie? I can write so much about her as she is one of the very few coaches I know who is so passionate about partaking and coaching physical activities. Her sessions are well prepared and full of energy. Never lets you down and makes you feel that you have to see her again for next session. A great human being too. An encounter with Maggie is priceless!'

- Mr. Kapil N Lakhani 
Personal health coach



"I have found my training sessions with Margaret to be excellent in building much needed motivation.  She is encouraging and her cheery nature means that I enjoy the sessions and am gaining a great deal from them in terms of both increased fitness and confidence". 
 - Deborah, Richmond

“Miss  Wojciechowska has been known to me in a professional capacity since September 2009. During this time Miss Wojciechowska has demonstrated her professional capabilities in designing personal fitness programmes for clients and whole class sessions. She is innovative in her programmes and during day to day delivery adapts quickly to the needs of the client’s needs.  She has specialist expertise in Flat Tummy,  Body  Sculpting and Core Fitness.
Miss Wojciechowska is reliable ensuring that she is punctual at all times. She quickly establishes and maintains a professional friendly relationships with all her clients. As a client I have found her to be well prepared and hardworking in ensuring that I reach my goals. Miss Wojciechowska listens carefully to the needs of the clients and designs programmes that will help them achieve their desired outcomes. At all times she is aware of her client’s physical fitness levels and works professionally to ensure that they proceed at the pace most suitable to them. Miss Wojcicehowska is both encouraging and supportive of her clients ensuring that their overall well being is maintained and sporting injuries avoided.

I have no hesitation in recommending Miss Wojciechowska to you as a honest, reliable, caring and supportive Instructor to you. She is a very capable team member who will ensure that your organization continues to provide a professional and friendly service”.

- Nobel, Isleworth


"Just want to record about the body blast class I attend tutor – Margaret [and a very long surname!!]
 Margaret is brilliant, she is so accommodating, so inclusive and takes each of us and the workout in a positive way.  Her teaching methods is very good and I look forward every week to this class
 I visit the gym often and for other classes, but Margaret is such a brilliant teacher whose main aim is for all of us in her class to benefit.  She takes personal interest in each of us, and that has to be commended.  I love her classes and have recommended many to join, but invariably it is full.
 Please record this as I firmly believe that when something is done well it should be recognised and rewarded".
 - Usha Oliver, Houses of Parliament



“I have had the pleasure of doing Margaret's  "legs,tums & bums" class at Richmond Gym for 2 years. I can honestly say it has been one of my all time favourite classes. Margaret is assiduous in her technique. Her moves are clear & well sign-posted. She is extremely engaging & encouraging of all ages & abilities. In short, Margaret is a delight & I will miss her hugely not just because I get a thorough work-out but her sunny personality puts a big smile on everyone's face.  Whoever takes on Margaret as a trainer will be very privileged. I am already jealous".

- Hilary Richards



“Maggie has been teaching at the Colombo Centre for a number of years now, and in my time as manager, I have heard nothing but positive comments from those that take part in her classes

She is an all-round fantastic instructor and the following attributes are what make her so popular;

Versatile – There have been times when certain class areas have been double booked. Maggie seamlessly adapts the classes whenever this happens to ensure that everything goes ahead with no disruption to customers

Passionate – Maggie’s energy makes the classes fun, exciting, and ensures the customers are always looking forward to her next class

Engaging – Maggie’s warm personality is experienced by customers and staff as she always takes the time to say hello and is never without a smile. She also attends company events and engages with the wider team

Prompt and prepared – Maggie is always early for her class, and ensures that everything is set up ahead of time


I am sure that there are many other wonderful things that Maggie brings to each of her classes, but this is just a brief summary of how valued she is. Needless to say, myself, and the rest of us at the Colombo Centre hope that Maggie stays with us for a long time to come, as she is a consummate professional, and a joy to work with”

- Lenny Stephens;  Club Manager, Colombo Centre



" One of the best work out ever, Thank you Maggie for your great commitment with the universe of Fitness. You have introduced me to the world of Tabata and with you I have experienced the best circuit/spinning class of the last year, I really look forward to sharing some fitness activities with you again, you are really special".

-  Francesca Cioce 



"Margaret, you are my inspiration to get fitter, both physically and mentally. I really love your classes!"

- Nevonne Lo; Shene Sport and Fitness Centre


"Maggie has been a instructor at Westminster Gym for 3 years and she delivers classes of a very high standard. Maggie has a very engaging personality and teaching style that brings our members back again and again to her classes. Her passion for fitness and teaching are very apparent in each class she delivers."

- Lauren Griffin; Club Manager, Westminster Gym

"Maggie is an enthusiastic and professional instructor. She always gives options to her exercises so all levels are catered for.
She demonstrates each exercise proficiently so everyone knows what they are doing. She pushes you to work harder and is always kind and encouraging."

- Bindya Solanki, Jubilee Hall,  Westminster Gym

Where I Train

In a Gym :1 to 1 Studio :Your Home :


Swiss Ball

Stability Disc

Resistance Band

Medicine Ball


Gliding Sliding Disc

Pilates Ring



Geographical Areas Covered

  • Westminster, London
  • Battersea, London
  • North Sheen, London
  • Putney, London
  • Barnes, London


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Member Since: Aug 2016

  • Insurance: Protectivity ()
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Gender: Female
Age: 36