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Braves Gym

About Me

Former professional gymnast with great precision in how the body moves, looks and feels helping people to be the fittest they can be with ease.

What Can I Do For You?

Combining 4 years experience as a personal trainer and over 10 years competing at a high level in gymnastics I am able to create unique exercise programmes and have the patience needed in order to teach the correct exercise technique as well as finding the right pace and time in pushing my clients and motivate them in pregressions when they thought they were not ready. 

Typically I help clients with weight loss and body transformation, muscle and core strengthening, improved mobility and balance as well as postural and gait correction. I specialize in gymnastic core, weight loss, strength, flexibility and calisthenics. 

During the first consultation I discover what your needs are and thereafter I prepare the exercise programme and nutrition advice as well as what suppliments you might need. Everyone has different goals and percieves life and happiness from another perspective therefor the training will vary from one individual to another. 

Some of my clients needed to get back on their feet post surgery and some wanted to lose weight or just simply improve their balance, feel fitter and have more energy which impacted greatly on their well being. 

Healthy eating and exercise promotes weight loss, healthy mind and body and it`s not a short term solution but a long term lifestyle change. 

I am here to support you manage your daily preparation towards your goals and be there to celebrate your achievement.


What Are My Charges?

Prices start from £60.00 per session


My Latest Promotions

  • Free consultation
  • 30% discount in January

What Are My Qualifications?

  • Active IQ - Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training (QCF)

What Training Do I Specialise In?

  • Functional Training
  • Core Conditioning
  • Flexibility & Mobility
  • Posture / Back Care
  • Suspension Training
  • Weight Loss
  • Strength Training / Conditioning
  • Nutrition & Weight Management
  • Toning
  • Circuit Training


''As a doctor  I need a trainer who knows her anatomy and physiology so that she can answer my constant questions in terms that make sense to me. Stef really does know her craft!!!
My description of Stef to friends and family include thorough, intuitive, excellent, efficient, meticulous, friendly yet professional.  
She has the skill to pick up from my body language how much she can push me as we all have good and bad days. She has the extraordinary talent to tailor the training to what I can offer on the day to achieve the best for me which is hugely encouraging and motivational. Turns some of those not so good days into real good ones!
For me Stef has been my training miracle. Thank you!!!'' - Shriti 
“I was training in calisthenics and looking for a personal trainer who could help me achieve my goals. As Stef is an ex-professional gymnast I thought she would be the perfect trainer for me. I was right and glad I found Stef. She has such great knowledge of the anatomy and great variety in her training techniques that she has clearly developed over the years to make her into a great all round trainer. She uses her knowledge to great effect to make all her training sessions interesting and challenging at the same time. I still have a long way to go in my training programme but I know I am constantly learning and improving. I had personal trainers in the past but none had the expertise of Stef and such a great passion in teaching others. She use a variety of exercises tailored to my specific goals not like other trainers who only train in one style regardless of what you want to achieve. I look forward to all my training sessions as I know each one is different and I will come away feeling like I have been pushed in a good way and I am making progress. So I think whatever your goals I would highly recommend Stef as it is hard to find such a professional trainer and have so much fun at the same time. I look forward to my fitness journey and I am confident my results will be so much better for training with Stef than if I was training with someone else” – Andrew 
"TRULY TRANFORMATIVE! I have been training with Stef for nearly 8 months now, and I continue to be impressed by her commitment, knowledge, competence, and most importantly the results.
From Day 1, she was very candid about what I can expect to achieve and what will it take to get there. She helped me set ambitious yet achievable goals and then throughout last months has been providing skilled coaching, expert nutritional advice and continuous inspiration to get there. I always feel that I am not alone on this mission, and that is a big support as you set on this challenging task. Now I am over 15% lighter, over 50% stronger and 100% motivated to continue this journey. Thanks Stef!"
''I started training with Stef following my knee operation. She has truly brought me back to life, my knee has heeled well and this I owe to her hard work and  persistence. When I am low she picks me up, motivates me, pushes me to the limits. Stef has advised me on food on health and well being. I can honestly say I don’t know what I would have done without her. Her exercise routine, though hard at times, gives real and lasting results. Her enduring friendship and professionalism is an inspiration.’’ - Mira 
I’ve been training with Stef for a year ranging from once to three times a week. I’ve had personal trainers before but this has been my best experience by far. I’ve always struggled to keep to training programmes in the past mainly when I couldn’t see results.
I completely trust Stef - she knows my capabilities and when to push me. She’s also given me dietary advice and knows what really works.  I’ve gone from being a fatigued creaky 45 year old with regular back ache to the strongest I’ve ever been! - Claire
"Stef is a great personal trainer who is skilled and a pleasure to work with. She ensures that the workouts are customized to cater to the varying levels of physical strength of clients. She knows when to encourage and when to push.The results I have achieved to date are due to Stef's combination of diverse training methods, customized exercise programs & challenging yet achievable goal setting accompanied with  healthy diet recommendations. She instills a sense of discipline and commitment towards being fit and leading a healthier lifestyle during the course of training, which is a take away with lifetime validity for the clients. Her professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to her work and clients, provides the perfect combination for success and sets foundation for a new healthier lifestyle. Thanks much Stef." - Sutiksha 

Where I Train

1 to 1 Studio :Your Home :


- Olympic Rings 

- Bike 

- Squat Rack 

- Barbell 

- Olympic Weight Plates

- Dumbbells 

- Resistance Bands 

- Pull Up Bar 

- TRX 

- Bosu and Swiss Balls

- Steelbells 

- Medicine balls 

- Battle Ropes 

- Dipping Bars 


Geographical Areas Covered

  • Marylebone, London
  • Marylebone, London
  • Camden Town, London
  • The City, London
  • West End, London


Get in Touch


07... Reveal07572380883


Useful Information

Member Since: Nov 2019

  • Insurance: Insure4sport ()
  • First Aid: First Aid Training Organisation

Gender: Female