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Jenny Pacey

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Pace & Go

About Me

Jenny Pacey is one of the most successful female personal trainers in the world. Jenny is not only a fitness expert with 17 years experience, a Hollywood movie trainer, global master trainer, an Olympic level Bobsledder, international athlete, TV expert, sports scientist and she also stared as TV’s Gladiators Enigma! She has the knowledge, experience & motivation to change your life, body and health.

What Can I Do For You?


Jenny Pacey represents one of the most successful Personal Trainers and Health & Fitness professionals in the UK.

Jenny has developed best selling fitness DVD's & online programs ( ,  she is a world class athlete, fitness consultant & presenter, motivational speaker and stared as Gladiator Enigma. 

Jenny will provide you with the very latest training, nutrition and lifestyle information; to help you reach your goals and transform your fitness. There is no need to join a gym, she will travel to you with a variety of exercise equipment. Alternatively you can train at one of her private studio's in Hendon, Finchley rd or Marylebone. 

With every session tailored to your specific needs, Jenny will make each workout unique, fun, challenging and enjoyable. Specialising human performance & body fat reduction. Jenny is a human movement specialist and is qulified instructor within yoga, strength & conditioning, animal flow, stick mobility, nutiriton and weight training. 

With over seventeen years experience Jenny will train you like an athlete using her own experiences as a world-class competitor to get you in shape fast; with results that last. She will help you over come personal barriers, achieve your physical ambitions, and conquer your goals (just read her testimonials)

What Are My Charges?

Prices start from £150.00 per session


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What Are My Qualifications?

  • B.Sc. (Hons) Sports & Exercise Science
  • YMCAfit - Level 3 Personal Trainer Award
  • Animal Flow - Certified Animal Flow Instructor
  • Stick Mobility - Stick Mobility Instructor Certification
  • VTCT - Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy
  • Walking for Heath & Fitness
  • YMCA - Movement to Music
  • YMCA Advanced Gym Instructor
  • YMCA Circuit Trainer Award
  • YMCA Client Lifestyle & Fitness Assessment
  • YMCA Core Stability Instructor
  • YMCA Kettlebells
  • YMCA Padwork for PT
  • YMCA Strength and Conditioning
  • YMCA Suspension Fitness
  • YMCAfit - Nutrition & Weight Management

What Training Do I Specialise In?

  • Corporate Wellness
  • Nutrition & Weight Management
  • Speed, Agility, Quickness
  • Strength Training / Conditioning
  • Weight Loss
  • Functional Training
  • Circuit Training
  • Boxing & Padwork
  • Flexibility & Mobility
  • Fitness Testing

Other Professional Bodies & Affiliations

  • Register of Exercise ProfessionalsLevel 3 - R0066682
  • Fit Pro



Jenny's training = RESULTS!

Thanks to Jenny my life has flipped. I have lost over 15kg in weight, reduced my body fat by over 11 % at the age of 41!  I have no end of compliments on how I look, my work colleagues can see the confidence throughout my work and my personal life is through the roof!

Jenny is an incredibly important part of my life and I would not see myself training with anyone else. She pushes you beyond your max and always with a smile on your face and the feeling you get after Jenny's workouts are amazing. She is an expert in this field and I feel extremely lucky to have

her as my trainer.  Thank you Jenny. Thank you Pace'n'Go!

Natalie K


I first contacted Jenny when I wanted to lose weight and tone up for my

wedding last year. Not only did I lose weight and tone up, I gained so much

confidence and jenny totally reeducated me about diet, exercise and my

overall health. I loved the sessions with Jenny which were always hard work

but entertaining and fun! I also now count jenny as a friend and she and

wayne even came to my wedding to see the finished product! Jenny has

totally changed my approach to a way of life that actually works and is

sustainable. I have just had a baby and feel confident that I will get back

to my pre-pregnancy figure with my new found confidence, approach and of

course some fierce sessions with Pacey! It sounds cheesy but Jenny really

did change my life and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her to anyone.

Sarah (beautiful bride and now mummy)


"Jenny has been amazing at transforming my body and not just losing a bit of weight and toning up but also improving my posture. After seeing my before and after pictures I couldn't believe the how different I looked. The sessions were at times grueling but Jenny kept me going with her words of motivation! Jenny made exercise accessible and has really improved my fitness and strength after my 12 sessions. Thank you so much for not only changing my body shape but improving my confidence in exercise! Best birthday present ever!!

Sally O


I have been training with Jenny on and off over the last 5 years & in that time I have not only had the best training of my life but have made a great friend.

Jenny's methods are firm but fair and she pushes you to challenge yourself.

Every session is different and tailor made to your requirements so you never get bored (knackered yes but never bored!) and you certainly feel you've had a thorough work out!

She's brilliant and worth every penny! X

Abi C, Series Producer


I won a shock absorber competition to have a personal training session with

Jenny Pacey and I found it be one of the best personal training  sessions I

have ever had! This is because Jenny is a very friendly, approachable and

knowledgeable trainer who explains everything really clearly to you and

motivates and pushes you to work harder than ever before and also makes

exercise fun! It was also great to workout outside in the lovely park!. I

would highly recommend Jenny as a personal trainer to anyone.

Nikki L


We have been training with Jenny since May and couldn’t imagine her not being in our lives. She’s more than just a trainer, we genuinely consider her as a friend who actually wants us to look good!

Every session with Jenny is different and we learn something new every time! Before we started, we never thought getting up at 6 to work out would be in any way enjoyable. As much fun as it is, it is hard work but without that, we wouldn’t have gotten the results we have!

Jenny is committed in every way and available at any time to answer our questions no matter how stupid they are! We don’t leave her alone and never has she moaned about it. Not only has she improved our fitness and strength, our mindsets on how to lead a healthy lifestyle have changed dramatically and there is not a day that goes by without us using one of Jenny’s helpful tips. We often find ourselves saying: “well, Jenny says this…Jenny wouldn’t do that…if I was Jenny….. Jenny Jenny Jenny!” In our eyes, her words are gospel.

Not only is Jenny professional; she is personal and that is what sets her a part from any personal trainers we have had before. She is a remarkable, inspirational woman; her lifestyle is so hectic yet that 60 minutes spent with you, you have her undivided attention. She makes you want to work hard for the both of you and we hate letting her down. Jenny is so supportive to the both of us, both in and out of the gym. She covers all areas; fitness, nutrition and a healthy mind. Her patience is implausible, dealing with two twenty-something women at 6.45 in the morning is a tough order. We have different body shapes and goals and yet she somehow manages to give us the results we both want.

When she demonstrates an exercise to us, we look at her like she has gone mad…but every time we manage to be able to do it with her fun and encouraging training style! Our body shapes have changed, we get comments about how great we look...that is thanks to Jenny.

We cannot count the amount of fad diets and exercise classes that we have done for a few weeks and then given up…Jenny is neither of these; she is a necessity in our lives and she won’t be getting rid of us any time soon!

Amy & Ariana


Jenny Pacey has changed my life.... I was introduced to her after suffering

with chronic back pain (later on I was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis) When I first came to see her I couldn't even carry a handbag, I had stopped driving because it was too painful not to mention dangerous to do so. I had trouble sleeping, I was weak sad and had lost hope as I couldn't do the things I loved. I'm a very independent woman and having to ask people to do things for me made me feel useless and worthless. I couldn't even lift a bottle of water! Jenny helped me physically and mentally, she gave me hope!!! I can now carry a bag, drive, dance and lift things!!! Jenny has transformed my life Im happier and stronger. I thoroughly enjoy my workouts with Jenny, she is extremely knowledgeable, patient and talented she plans exercises tailored for ME! I trust Jenny 100% Im so lucky as she is the BEST trainer in the world!!

Bahar, Head Teacher

I really enjoy my training sessions with Jenny as they have given me a huge amount of confidence in myself as well as making me feel healthier and look so much better.

Not only is Jenny a wonderful trainer but she is also a real inspiration. Jenny encourages you to reach above your expectations and achieve that little extra.

Jenny makes me feel like I am a ‘yummy mummy’ approaching the age 40!



Thank you so much for all the fantastic training sessions that we had. You have such a talent at what you do, and from my terrible experience of rubbish jobs, I think it is an absolute inspiration to see someone who clearly loves what they do and is so enthusiastic and so very good at what they do. I absolutely loved our training sessions and very much looked forward to them, even if you did "surprise" me with 100 circuits! It felt more like I was training with a friend than a personal trainer, and the results that I saw just spoke for themselves, and a lot of comments from guests on my wedding day!

You and Wayne make an excellent partnership in everyway and I am so delighted that I picked you out of that list and got in touch. 

(p.s. I tried to keep my wedding talk down to a minimum, (for once in my life), but just wanted to let you know married life is very good and I would certainly highly recommend it...almost as much as I would recommend you to a new client!)

Claire P (Bride)


Wow, where to start? For the first time in my life I look forward to working out! Jenny is a bundle of energy and positivism and has made a huge different to my previous attempts at getting fit. I have now trained with her 8 times and over the course of 5 weeks lost 4cms off my hips and 3cms off my waist. More importantly for me I have so much more energy that ever before! Jenny varies her sessions to keep away the boredom and we laugh a lot over the course of each hour. I love working out in the fresh air and have actually begun to look forward to each workout - this is very rare for me! I cannot recommend Jenny enough, I only hope I can continue to work out with her for a good few months as her energy and motivation is clearly catching. Thank you Jenny, you have no idea how much you have helped me.

Emma P (Procurement Consultant)


Like most women I came to you wanting to lose weight and tone. Having crash dieted for years I thought it was time I tried a new approach. I thought personal training might be the answer and it was! You have truly changed my life forever.

Having lost over a stone you have managed to tone and sculpt my body to how I have always wanted. For the first time I understand that a combination of eating more healthily and regular exercise means I can stay lean but continue to enjoy the pleasures in life.

I love the training sessions, I never knew exercise could be so fun and different. I enjoy the athletics drills & core stability; and the overall new feeling of wellbeing and fitness. Jenny always brings enthusiasm and energy to our training and manage to lift my mood and motivate me however interesting my day has been! With Jenny's professional and passionate approach to all aspects of health and fitness you are really choosing THE BEST in exercise professionals.

Alex P (Production Manager)

Jenny was a very knowledgeable, motivating and fantastic fitness trainer. She warmed up and cooled down large groups of runners; training for the Nike run London 10k. Her knowledge of stretching and warm up drills was amazing.

Beth R (Run London Team manager)


Jenny has been a huge positive addition to my life. I continue to dislike exercise but enjoy her company enough to make it bearable. Every session is different and clearly thought out, taking into account my priorities and level of fitness. So for example, I prefer to exercise outside when possible, something Jenny always tries to do. If we have to be indoors I prefer boxing or circuits, so that is what we do.

But Jenny provides much more than exercise: she is immensely knowledgeable about the body and nutrition. Her oversight of what I eat and how I can live a healthier lifestyle despite being overly-busy and traveling a lot, has been invaluable. I have lost a stone without really dieting; and have stomach muscles for the first time in more than 10 years. Everyone should have a Jenny. 

Lindsay W, (Media Coach)


‘ I want to keep you guys forever!’

Janice Dickinson, Supermodel


You are two of the best trainers I have ever had!

Meg Mathews,


Jenny is such an amazing athlete, a great motivator and thoroughly lovely person to spend an hour with! If i am having a bad day or week she will listen to me moan, rant etc but still push me through the workout to my limits. I will often say ‘I can’t possibly do that’ but she knows, after 4.5 yrs where my limits are and tells me that “I can” and she is usually right. I may groan on occasions when she arrives and ‘clock watch’ throughout, willing the session to be over but our training sessions are always fun. Jenny even motivates me during the rest of the week when I don’t see her because even if I can only manage 20 mins on the cross trainer I know it’s worth it. It all adds up and she has taught me that. I have trained with her for 4.5 years now and finally this year have shed 21lbs. I really don’t know where I would be without her!

Lisa P


When I contacted Jenny Pacey I hadn't done any exercise for 20 years. I had tried by joining several gyms & each time watched my money fall down the drain as I felt too intimidated to go. I was genuinely very nervous - embarrassed by my lack of fitness & worried that I wouldn't be able to do anything. To add to my fears i am also type 1 diabetic and wasn't sure how excersie would effect my blood sugars.

Jenny came to see me for a free trial which included general questions about myself and my history, a fittness test ( I wasn't  fit) and a check of my running technique ( I had none). All my fears infront of me BUT Jenny made me feel relaxed as soon as we met and even though physically Jenny could be very intimidating her manner, friendliness, and professionalism puts you at ease from the start. The best thing I remember is laughing and having fun!! 

After that Jenny put together a fitness schedule for me that would help me reach my short and long term goals, a mixture of both physical and mental ones. Jenny also knew how to help me with my diabetes and has helped me throughout our several years of training together......I now have better control of my blood sugars and use less insulin when I'm training. 

What amazes me now is that exercise is a normal part of my life and I can't be without it or without Jenny. At my last session I was covered in sweat, my limbs hurting, but we were also belly laughing - it's still fun!! Jenny is so knowledgable about the body and the effects of exercise but most importantly she really cares about her job and her clients. I couldn't and wouldn't have kepted this up for over 2 years if it wasn't for Jenny....... I know as I threw all that money away in gyms years before! 

Kate M


Where I Train

1 to 1 Studio :Your Home :


Varying weight dumbbells

Varying weight weights bars

Stick Mobility


Medicine Balls

Varying Strength Thera Bands 

Swiss Balls


Viper Belt for resistance runs

SAQ Ankle bands

SAQ Squat band


SAQ Ladder

SAQ Hurdels

Wobble board

Sled sprinting

Boxing gloves

Suspension trainer

Kick pads

Yoga equipment


Fitness assessment equipment Scales / body fat analyser

Geographical Areas Covered

  • Hendon, London
  • Marylebone, London
  • St Johns Wood, London
  • Kensington, London
  • Little Venice, London

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Useful Information

Member Since: Mar 2007

  • Insurance: Insure4sport (I4S456776)
  • First Aid: HSE Medic First Aid

Gender: Female