Irregular Bones

Irregular bones are a pool a bones which dont fit into the 3 other classifications, flat, long or short bones.

A bit of a catch all for "other" bones

The term regular bones arises by default it describes all those that dont fit into the other three categories (long, short, or flat).

What do they consist of.

Irregular bones consist of thin layers of compact bone surrounding a spongy interior. They have varied shapes, sizes, and surface features they include those of the vertebrae, the hips, and some of the bones found in the skull.

Impressive facts about irregular bones.

Bones are amazing structures, strong enough to support your weight, but light enough to allow movement. They are living organisms, containing blood vessels, nerve cells and living bone cells known as osteocytes. These interior portions of your bones are spongy, made up of a mesh of needle-like pieces of bone with large spaces between them.

Materials within the bones.

Holding this together is a framework of hard, non-living material containing calcium and phosphorous, with a thin membrane (the periosteum) providing a protective outer surface.

Bone marrow within the bones.

The inner part of the long bones is tubular, and it is here that you will find bone marrow. There are two different types of bone marrow, and they perform different functions. Red bone marrow is a soft tissue that produces blood cells, while yellow bone marrow is a store for fat.

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