The Human Body

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The human body is a hugely complex organism, capable of prodigious feats but it also has the potential to break down if we dont treat it with respect. Exercise and training puts strains and exertion on your muscles and frame, so find out more.

For a therapist or trainer, that means we need to understand how the human body works, not only when it is performing well, but also when it is not performing optimally.

Optimising human performance requires a delicate balance between stress and rest, an understanding of the effects of nutrition, and indeed, clear and objective goals to work towards.


Studying muscle anatomy and structure enables us to understand how the human body works.

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Our circulatory system is responsible for maintaining a steady flow of blood throughout the body.

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The digestive tract includes a number of organs, all working to provide nutrition to our body.

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The human excretory system utilises various organs to clear the body of waste products.

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The hormonal system uses over 100 different chemicals to maintain and regulate basic body functions.

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Our joints are vulnerable areas, prone to injury, but essential for movement.

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Vital for applying force, bones act as levers in the body, allowing our muscles to work effectively.

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Our muscular system is responsible for moving us around.

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Nervous system

The nervous system plays a vital role sending information and instructions around the body.

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The respiratory system works to supply the blood with oxygen, which it delivers throughout the body.

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Under our voluntary control, skeletal muscle is what we use when we want to make almost any type of movement.

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Balancing Out Your Training

Training programs designed by a professional therapist or trainer need to balance out all these demands if a person is to get the most from their training. specific sites are now availabkle online from to - that all help you to find programs and exercises to suit you and your needs.

However, it is also crucial to understand what happens when things are not working optimally most injuries are the result of either a progressive overload, or a sudden traumatic event, with fatigue, poor training programs or poor nutrition usually at the heart of most injuries and accidents.

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