Voluntary Muscles

Using voluntary muscles is a big part of our daily movement, under our control we help define what they do.

When do we use them.

We use our voluntary muscles any time we want to move or perform a skill. Unlike the involuntary muscles, such as the heart, they are under our control most of the time.

How do they work.

Muscles are amazing structures. Although their basic function is simple all they can do is contract and relax they enable us to perform the staggering range of skills and movements that humans have come demand from their bodies.

These bundles of elongated cells are the only way we have of actually turning our thoughts into reality. Its easy to take them for granted, thinking simply in terms of the gross motor actions we demand of them movement for example but they go far beyond that.

An example of a voluntary muscle movement.

If you have a thought you can express it in a number of ways you could say it out loud for example. This would require you to use the muscles of your larynx, mouth and tongue, plus controlling your breathing to get the air to move through the larynx in the first place.

Writing the thought down would require the specialised skill of writing or typing on a keyboard, or you could express your thought through action running, dancing, making something.

They are thus vastly sophisticated organisms, able to serve all these different functions.

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