Muscular System

The human muscular system contains over 650 individual muscles, most of which work to help move us around.

Most of our muscular system attaches to our skeleton, providing the power we need to move. There are three different types of muscles:

  1. Skeletal
  2. Cardiac
  3. Smooth

Each of these has the ability to contract this is essential for both movement and the other functions they perform (for example, the heart).


Cardiac muscle

Your cardiac muscle has several unique features that allow it to perform its vital job.

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Involuntary muscles

Our involuntary muscles are responsible for numerous vital body functions, including breathing and pumping your heart.

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Under our voluntary control, skeletal muscle is what we use when we want to make almost any type of movement.

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Smooth muscle

What are smooth muscles? Youll never see them they are located in your internal organs.

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Voluntary muscles

Our voluntary muscles are those that we control to perform every day tasks and movements.

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You can also categorize muscles by that we control (the voluntary muscles) and those that work independently, such as the heart these are termed involuntary muscles.

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