Smooth muscle

Smooth muscles are found in numerous organs and form key parts of our digestive sysyem.

How they are controlled.

Controlled by the nervous system and hormones, smooth muscles perform many vital functions in our body.

Where are they found.

Smooth muscles can be found in many of our internal organs, including the bladder, gallbladder, arteries, and veins. In addition, they form key sections of our digestive system.

They are therefore not under our control, being part of the involuntary system that regulates many of the essential body functions. These vital processes are thus controlled by nerves, the brain, and sometimes hormones.

Muscles are amazing structures while superficially they are simply bundles of elongated cells that can only contract or relax, they have developed capabilities that make them incredibly efficient.

These capabilities include:

  • Turning fuel into motion
  • Extreme endurance (how many times will your heart beat in your lifetime?)
  • The ability to heal themselves
  • The capability to grow stronger with appropriate overload

    In addition, they perform a huge array of different tasks within the body everything from pumping blood to typing a letter, digesting food to running a marathon.

    All you have to do in return is provide a steady supply of appropriate fuel, and they will give you years of trouble free service!



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