NRPT Membership

The NRPT (National Register of Personal Trainers) exists to put the public directly in touch with our qualified and insured personal trainers. The NRPT offers membership to trainers who have a recognised qualification at CIMSPA Level 3 or above.

Why the NRPT?

We offer the most cost-effective route to promoting you as a personal trainer online. Our membership is just over £10 a month and you pay no extra's - however many enquiries you receive.

Potential clients can contact you from your profile by :

  • Using the enquiry form
  • Calling you from your contact number
  • Going to your website
  • Using your social media links

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How Many Searches?

In a typical month we have over 40,000 searches for a personal trainer.

In peak periods this goes up by over 25% to 50,000+ searches.

This is actual searches for a trainer in a UK location. No other online website or franchise comes even close to that - whatever they say.

What do I Get?

NRPT Membership gives you :

  • Access to over 40,000+ searches
  • Provides you with an online profile to compliment any web presence you already have;
  • Access to our marketing expertise to help get you more clients
  • Promotions and offers that both save you money and allow to earn money from your clients (See Members Benefits).
  • A members area where you can amend your PT profile
  • Access to negotiated Partner deals and offers on a wide range of fitness products including gym equipment and supplements.

How Do I Join?

The NRPT requires all members to have a recognised CIMSPA Level 3 (or above) Personal Trainer qualification. We are also aware of most international qualifications, so overseas trainers are more than welcome to apply too.

You can apply online, then simply pay your membership fee and email copies of your PT Certificates and a copy of your Public Liability Insurance cover (unless you wish us to provide this insurance), then we can get your membership started!

Membership minimum requirements :

  • CIMSPA Accredited Level 3 (or above) , or
  • a minimum level 3 NVQ from a recognised Personal Training course in the UK
  • valid insurance cover (we offer insurance if you are looking for new cover)
  • a willingness to increase your learning through courses and seminars - CPD (Continued Professional Development)

Membership cost :

  • £135 per annum

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If you need any more help, why not contact us or call us on 01536 425920.


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