We get as many questions from personal trainers as we do from members of the public. If you need to ring us, then you have to take time out from your schedule. Why not check the FAQs below first?

So we hope this gives you some of the answers as to why the NRPT is THE place to advertise yourself on the web.

If you have any further questions, please contact us for more information.

  1. What's the best way to advertise as a PT?

    There's no one route that will guarantee you new clients.  However with our responsive website which is tablet and mobile friendly as well as our substantial online presence let alone our offline promotions and press coverage, you can benefit from more and more potential clients searching in your area.
  2. How does the NRPT work and what are the benefits?

    The NRPT charges an annual fee for you to join our 800+ members. Any Personal Trainer can join the NRPT as long as they are CIMSPA Level 3 qualified (See our section on CIMSPA), have public liability insurance,.

    The benefits include promotion online and offline of the NRPT.co.uk, your own profile pages within our website, a dedicated NRPT team supporting your membership, discounted Civil Liability Insurance, Monthly Newsletters and regular media coverage.
  3. What exposure do member's get?

    Our success lies in making sure you get enquiries and leads from users of our website NRPT.co.uk. 

    In the past year the NRPT has been featured in;

    The Daily Mail; The Guardian; Daily Express; The Metro; The Independent; The Times; The Sunday Times; Harpers & Queen; Ultrafit; Men's Health; Zest; Cosmopolitan; Runner's World; Saga; and a range of health & lifestyle TV programmes.

    All NRPT member's are also able to take advantage of promotions on-pack (like Activia Yoghurts, Cravendale, Avon ) as well as corporate loyalty schemes.
  4. What am I paying an annual membership fee for?

    - Your own profile pages on the NRPT website
    - Full management of your details in members website
    - Public Liability Insurance (if needed)
    - No extra costs for leads and enquiries - ever!
    - Exclusive offers from our partners
    - Exclusive CPD Course offers from Training Companies
  5. How will I get clients?

    The NRPT seeks constant press and PR on behalf of you, the member. We have our own team of web search engine optimisers to make sure that we appear at the top of the search engines for the most popular and related keywords that are used to find personal trainers.

    Users searching for a personal trainer are able to use our search tool, find your profile (amongst others) and then they will either contact you via the contact form we provide, or they can call you or visit your website. Part of achieving good levels of enquiries relies on your profile, how you describe yourself and ensuring all your details are kept up to date - we do the rest!
  6. How many searches do you get for trainers?

    We currently get around 40,000 searches a month, which rises to 50,000+ at peak periods. This from the NRPT.co.uk website and as we grow our network, this figure will grow.
  7. What happens if I don't get any referrals?

    You will, we will always advise that you check your profile regularly, check your contact form is working (ie. send yourself a test through the "contact me" on your profile page - you should receive something within 2 or 3 minutes) and update your qualifications or expertises regularly. Why not also offer a small incentive for NRPT referrals like 10 sessions for the price of 9 - allowing you to track where the client has come from. Whenever you get an enquiry you should check how they found you, ie did they come from us to your website, your social media channels off our site or a simple call / text.
  8. Do you offer insurance?

    Yes, the NRPT offers a range of personal trainer insurance cover. We have negotiated a great rate for our Public Liability Insurance, which we are able to offer to NRPT members only. If you need insurance, you need to join the NRPT first, then we can provide you with the cover. We are able to offer standard public liability as well as cover which includes sports therapy (massage).
  9. What about  The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity – CIMSPA ?

    The Chartered Institute of Sport & Physical Activity - CIMSPA was originally set up to create and define standards for the whole fitness industry. Since it’s establishment, the NRPT.co.uk has worked with CIMSPA to help promote trainers that have achieved their minimum requirements.. Membership is annual and the NRPT.co.uk expects trainers to update their membership with us as the need arises. See our terms and conditions.
  10. Which gyms can I use in my area?

    We do not have a list of gyms that are available to freelance personal trainers. We suggest you find local and then approach the gym to see whether you can pay a fee for using their equipment, or even think about a revenue share as they are sure to have some people they could point in your direction.
  11. Where can I get a first aid qualification?

    We look for a course that provides basic knowledge about treating minor injuries or ailments. You can usually find courses at your local Adult education centre or check the St John Ambulance courses (as they are run across the country and are seen as the standard). Also why not check out the first aid courses we have listed.
  12.  Where are we based?

    In short, the NRPT was the UK's first nationwide trainer referral organisation. We are based in Northamptonshire, established in 1991 to help trainers get more clients and for clients to find trainers that are qualified and experienced. The NRPT is now attracting more members than ever thanks to our strong relationship with REPS and all the major training providers. With significant exposure on leading web site portals and in leading newspapers & magazines.
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