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Part Time Personal Trainer Courses

If you're looking to supplement your income, returning to work or just want life balance, part-time trainer courses could be the answer. Allowing you to study as well balance everything else, makes for a much less stressful learning experience.

If you enjoy personal training and have a deep interest in health and fitness, then being a professional trainer might be the right career for you. If you want to obtain a part time personal trainer certificate in personal training you have a variety of options available to you.

One of the best options for studying to be a personal trainer is to do it on a part time basis. Part time personal trainer course study is one of the most flexible options for learning, you are able to study part time and work part time as you earn your certificate.

Why A Part-Time Course?

Choosing to do a personal trainer career by part time study is a popular option for those who are in the midst of changing careers. They may not be ready to jump into studies on a full time basis, but they are able to complete the course work on a part time basis.

A student may also be able to pay for the program as they work through various parts of the program. A part time personal trainer professional course may be less expensive than taking the course on a full time basis. There are several different institutions available in the UK that offer very flexible programs for students who are learning to be a professional trainer.

How Does it Work?

A part time personal trainer course may consist of day or weekend study. Approximately 14 days of training may be required to complete the program. The program will consist of assessments and practical training.

Most of the time the student will have full time access to tutors that can help them with their studies just as a full time student would also have access to. Some programs will offer practical training sessions to their students and will allow students to participate at locations that are most convenient for the student.

The goal of the part time program is to offer convenience to the student. Some of the instructional sessions can be postponed or taken on additional dates in accordance to the schedule of the student. The course can be completed at a pace that is best suited to the needs of the student. Most students of a professional training program will be able to complete the program in a time frame of 6 to 9 months.

Part time personal training courses will allow students to benefit from the program in the same way that a full time student would, because the student will have access to qualified and highly experienced fitness instructors. Both part time and full time students may be offered assistance from the educational institute in order to help them find employment upon graduation.

Some educational institutions also offer career advisors to their students in order to help them choose the program that is best suited to their career interests and life circumstances.

What Do You Get?

In the UK, a personal trainer career can be both satisfying and lucrative to graduates of both part time and full time programs.  The average level of earnings for these students is between £20k and £30k per year.

If you are studying to be a personal trainer on a part time basis you can expect to put in several hours of home study per week. Depending on how fast you want learn and progress you may need to put in 5-15 hours of study time per week.

However, you will be able to study as much as you want to, provided that you finish the course within the amount of time that may be allotted for study by the instructional institution.

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