Personal Trainer Certificates

Before you are able to practise as a personal trainer in the United Kingdom, you must receive a Level 3 Personal Trainer Certificate or Diploma in order to be able to legally call yourself a personal trainer.

In the UK, the Exercise Register exists to centrally maintain and monitor standards for the level and academic requirements for Personal Trainer Certificates courses provided by the various training providers.

There's a large number of organizations that offer trainer courses to certify personal trainers; therefore it is necessary to do your research before choosing where you will obtain the best personal trainer certification for you.

When you embark on the task of choosing where you will get your personal trainer certificate from, there are several factors to consider. Look for a training company that is both respected and recognised in the personal training industry. You will need to make sure that you have the correct pre-requisites to take the courses that will allow you to be granted the certification. You may be required to take the exams only after attending workshops or seminars.

Study At Home or in the Classroom?

You will also want to consider whether an in home or e-learning method is best for you in your educational pursuits. Of course the costs of the program must also be considered. In order to renew the personal trainer certificate you may also be asked to complete continuing education requirements with your educational provider.

Ask the organization that you are considering taking the courses from if they will provide you with back up support after you complete your personal training certification.

Where to Find The Right Course

You will be able to search out training programs online, as most of these educational providers offer information and registry online regarding their programs. These websites will provide you with detailed information on the course information offered, the schedule of learning, the locations for examinations, cost of the program, options for study, and other relevant information.

Before you choose an educational provider to get your personal trainer certification from, you will want to check with your local fitness facilities and find out what they are looking for in terms of their employees qualifications.


Personal Training Course Providers

Register of Exercise Professionals - REPs

Make sure that you check with the Register of Exercise Professionals to see if the program that you want to take to get your personal trainer certificate from is accredited through their organization.

The REPs is a charity organization that is backed by the government and exists in order to regulate the trainers, coaches, fitness instructors and teachers involved within the fitness and exercise industry; they also ensure that educational providers are meeting their high standards. They are able to make sure that best practices are being followed by all who are involved in the fitness industry.

To be registered with the organization you must meet certain qualification standards which are nationally recognised. This organization follows practices that are linked to the National Occupational Standards for exercise and fitness guidelines.

The REPs was created because it is the one way that personal trainer fitness professionals can display that they are qualified and competent to do their jobs with the personal trainer certifications that they have. To be registered with the REPs means that the professional has met good practice standards and are recognised and respected in the industry of fitness training. 

As a member of the REPs, this means that the personal trainer will have the liability insurance that is appropriate to the level personal training that they working at. A certified personal trainer that is on the REPs will have demonstrated that they are committed to the industry code of ethical practice and that they are also committed to taking further educational courses for professional development purposes.

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