Types of Exercise Training

The variety in ways you can go about your exercise training are what excites most people. Different types of exercise reflect the varying demands of different people for various sports, rehab, exercise and fitness needs.

The general population sees exercise as a way to lose weight or stay healthy, but for sports people and athletes, different types of exercise reflect the varying needs of their sports or activities.


Many athletes need endurance, whether they are running, swimming, or competing in a sport.

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What is fitness? There are many ways of measuring it, with the context of the athlete one of the biggest factors.

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What is power? While we recognise it in politics or business, few people can define it in fitness terms.

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Proper rehabilitation is essential if you are to recover fully from an injury or surgery.

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Sports specific

The need for sports specific exercises cannot be stressed enough they're essential for maximising training effectiveness.

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We recognise strength as a virtue, and for athletes it is an essential component of almost all training.

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In addition, there are the demands of special populations (osteoporosis, or pre/postnatal for example), or rehabilitation following surgery, illness or an accident. Knowing how to design a specific program for each of these will dramatically increase the effectiveness of the programs you use with your clients.

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