Sit & Reach Test

The sit and reach test is one of the most commonly performed assessments of flexibility. The sit and reach test will measure the flexibility of your lower back and hamstrings areas that are critical for good flexibility.

What's The Point?

The point of the Sit & Reach test is to help you to measure the flexibility of your hamstrings and lower back muscles if they are too tight you will need to include more stretching in your workout program.

What Do You Need?

  • A tape measure
  • A "sit and reach" table or a bench with a ruler
  • No partner is required

This test can be performed almost anywhere

How Do You Do The Test?

Perform some warm-up exercises first to loosen up your muscles this will reduce the risk of injury and help with your score

  • Sit comfortably on the floor with your legs straight out, shoes off
  • Put soles of your feet against the box/table
  • Keep legs completely straight throughout
  • Place measuring tape/ruler, with 0cm at the base of box/table, parallel with your legs
  • Lean over and reach as far forward as far as possible
  • Be sure to move forward smoothly and hold for two seconds
  • If possible reach beyond end of your toes over the top of the box
  • Warm up several times first, then measure

The distance that your fingers touch on the tape measure (or beyond) will be your score. If you cant reach to your toes, you will need to turn the tape measure around and record a negative score.

What Results You'll See

Scoring is as follows:

  Very Poor Poor Fair Average Good Excellent Superior
Male -20cm + -19 to -9cm -8 to 1cm 0 - 5cm 6 to 16cm 17 - 26cm 27cm +
Female -15cm + -14 to 8cm -7 to 0cm 1 to 10cm 11 to 20cm 21 to 30cm 30cm +


What's Being Measured Again?

This test measures the flexibility of your hamstrings and lower back.

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