Public Liability Protection

Public Liability Insurance will protect you should one of your clients claim against you for 'accidental damage' or 'accidental death' or 'injury to 3rd parties' as a result of your training. It's essential.

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Do Personal Trainers Need Public Liability Insurance?

The NRPT is only able to offer our membership to personal trainers who have public liability insurance cover. This is for your own benefit as having this insurance will protect you should a client make a claim against you for accidental damage or loss to property, or accidental death or injury to 3rd parties as a result of your training or training advice.

If your client believes you have acted negligently in the normal course of your personal training activities, then Public Liabiolity Insurance will protect you. 

Public Liability & Professional Indemnity

Our public liability policy is for an individual (or business with a turnover of under £50,000) to provide financial protection in the event of a claim from a client for injury, death or damages to person or property arising out of a trainers negligence.

Cover is provided if you are undertaking short, temporary trips overseas to instruct. The Limit of public liability Indemnity is £5,000,000. For an additional premium the policy also covers Sports Therapy activity, such as Massage.

With the increasingly litigious nature of society and the rising amounts of damages awarded in UK courts, this is essential protection for your personal training activities.


Public Liability Cover:

The following fee is correct as of 1st June 2013

£ 98.20 for £5m Cover

This is inclusive of 6% Insurance Premium Tax and a nominal administration fee.


Public Liability + Sports Therapy:

The following fee is correct as of 1st June 2013

£ 160.00 for the £5m Sports Therapy Cover

This is inclusive of 6% Insurance Premium Tax and a nominal administration fee.


Statement Of fact

As part of your insurance, our Statement of Fact lays out the terms for your cover, a copy of which is here :

+ Statement of Fact 2018 - Copy


For more information about this insurance please click this link which will redirect you to our insurance procurement company, Managed Risk Solutions Ltd.

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