Private Medical Insurance for Personal Trainers

If you do get injured, the quicker you recover the better for you, your business and your clients. Find out more about a "cover all" policy now.

pmi for personal trainers

Why Consider Medical Insurance?

We have a free NHS system that allows you to access everything from a GP through to A&E. So why do people want to take out private medical insurance? 

Private medical insurance is there to help cover the costs of medical support and treatment if you become ill or suffer from an injury. In essence it allows you to bypass any NHS waiting lists and choose the specialist you wish to treat you.

As a personal trainer, should you injure yourself or find you need treatment for a medical condition or illness, seeing a medical professional as soon as possible is good for your body, as well as your business.

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If this sounds like it could be right for you, then why not contact us to discuss your needs with a professional adviser and you can then go through the benefits and drawbacks of a policy.

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