Sports Equipment Insurance

Insuring your gym and fitness equipment should be at the top of your 'to do' list. As tools of your trade, you can't do without them!

Our Sports Equipment Insurance is an absolute must for any personal trainer. As an important part of your business, losing a large amount of sports equipment due to a break in or from leaving your car unattended for even two minutes, could ruin you financially. We believe that the investment is well worth the money and should ensure again piece of mind for you.

You must be a paid member of the NRPT to be able to apply for the sports equipment insurance but contact us for more details if you have any queries.


Sports Equipment Cover

This will ensure your sports equipment is insured against loss or damage including that from Fire, Storm, Malicious Damage and Theft, with an excess each and every claim of 75.00, subject to the insurers standard policy wording. There are a couple of notes :

  • Equipment excludes computer equipment.
  • Equipment is insured 'anywhere in UK' - ie. is not restricted to a named premises


+ Please contact MRSL for an individual quotation, tel . 01604 823530


By Ian Duncan

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