Income Protection Insurance for Personal Trainers

This is an insurance policy that pays you if you're unable to work. Income protection insurance is increasingly popular for personal trainers and can act as a great back up if you're injured or have a longer term illness that prevents you from working.

protecting your earnings

How Does Income Protection Insurance Work?

If you opt for long term income protection, if you find yourself unable to work due to an illness or an injury, you will still receive money each month. If you choose the right policy this can cover you for as long as you need.

Also known as IP insurance, this cover is calculated on your monthly earnings and then usually pays out a percentage of that - around 60-70%. If you do not need to claim against the cover, you do not have the option to get any of the money back.

By not having to worry so much about bringing money in, you can focus on getting yourself better and back to work.

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