Your goals

Probably crucial to the whole equation are your goals for training and choosing UK personal trainers with whom you will train. Here we have suggested a range of questions to help you work out what you're looking for and why you're going down this route. We find it easiest if you print the page off and then use as a prompt with trainers when discussing your reasons for training and what kind of programme you want from them.

** Please use the "print page" function by hitting CTRL & P. **


• What do I want to achieve? (e.g. weight loss, aerobic fitness, flexibility etc)


• How much time can I devote to the programme and at what time of day?

• Can I afford it?

• Do I need a trainer who specialises in any particular areas? (e.g. weights, nutrition, sports injuries)

• Do I have any physical limitations? (e.g. weak or injury prone areas)

• Do I have a gym to work out of?

• If not, do I have space at home?

• Would I prefer a male or female trainer?


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