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Residential Personal Trainer Courses

Taking a residential personal trainer course can be a very efficient way to earn a professional and recognised personal trainer certification. Stay away for the whole period whilst you qualify. Focus and concentrate on that qualification.

Various institutions throughout the UK offer residential Personal training courses through a residential program. In such a program, students are able to stay on site as they learn the course program in order to become a certified personal trainer. 

Truly Residential?

There are a number of courses that claim to be residential, however the main provider that offers these courses is the European Institute of Fitness. Students are able to gain certification as a personal trainer after only six weeks of study on the fast track program.

This course promises to deliver a studying experience that is different from other educational institutions. There are a variety of course options that are available for prospective students to choose from depending upon their needs.

The residential personal trainer courses offered at this institution are accredited by governing bodies in the UK fitness industry. This accreditation is important in order for students to have the best possible opportunity to find work in the personal training industry.

The Lilleshall National Sports Centre, where the European Institute of Fitness is based, offers students an environment that is relaxing and allows them to develop your skills in a facility that is dedicated to the learning of personal training and related industry.

Other Residential Courses

Different residential personal trainer courses may offer various courses to students including sport conditioning, clinical exercise, rehabilitation, outdoor personal trainer skills, and principles of the psychology of lifestyle.

The courses will emphasize the development of practical skills and knowledge in the personal training field that will be directly applicable to the student’s new career when they graduate. Residential programs are unique in that they allow students to focus their efforts on studying, and that they reduce distraction from outside sources.

The programs are intensive and allow students to eat, breathe and live personal training education for the duration of their stay and program. Similar to living on a campus at a University, the residential program offers students a place to study and learn as their sole purpose for attending the facility.

Students will hopefully leave with their certification and be ready to enter the personal training industry either as an employee of a fitness facility or as their own business owner in which they recruit and train clients on their own.

What Type of Facilities Are There?

Students are able to get practical training in a gym facility that also makes learning easy and fun for them as they study. They will be able to enjoy training in the outdoors, and also relax in a setting that is conducive to the best possible learning outcomes through an exposure to a variety of environments.

The atmosphere is both friendly and non-intimidating, as everyone else there is learning the same program and has like-minded interests.

The benefits of onsite educational learning programs are that the student is more likely to receive one on one attention, and one can benefit from practical teaching that is easy to learn from.

A student will participate in small group sessions, and tutors will offer their feedback on an individualized basis. This instruction comes from experts in the industry. People are often more motivated when they are studying amongst a group of individuals rather than on their own. Having a support network of fellow students is also beneficial during the learning process.

The teachers are dedicated to your learning process and some institutions will also offer support after graduation from the course.  Residential programs can vary in price starting from approximately £3,000 per course. The program price will vary depending on the accommodation and necessities that are provided to the student.

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