Wall Squat Test

Strong legs are essential in sports, and the wall squat test is one of the simplest ways to measure this. More specifically, it will help you to assess athlete's quadriceps endurance.

What's The Point?

The strength and endurance of an athlete's quadriceps will have a large bearing on their performance. Strong legs are a key component in almost any sport, and the ability to keep going when fatigue sets in will make a difference at anything from tennis to football, swimming to cross-country running. The wall squat test is a quick and easy way to monitor the development of an athlete's quadriceps endurance.

What Do You Need?

  • A smooth wall
  • A stop watch
  • An assistant

How Do You Perform The Test?

  • Stand with your back against a smooth wall
  • Your feet should be shoulder width apart, about 18 inches from the wall
  • Slide your back down the wall until there is a 90 angle at the hip and knee
  • Lift one foot 5cm off the ground
  • At this point the assistant starts the stopwatch
  • Keep your foot aloft for as long as possible
  • The watch is stopped when you put your foot back on the ground
  • Rest
  • Repeat with the other leg

What Results You'll See

Comparing your score against the chart will allow you to assess yourself against national norms. By regularly repeating the test you can assess the effectiveness of your training.

The following are national norms for the Wall Squat Test for 16 to 19 year olds.

Gender Excellent Above Average Average Below Average Poor
Male >102 secs 102 - 76 secs 75 - 58 secs 57 - 30 secs <30 secs
Female >60 secs 60 - 46 secs 45 - 36 secs 35 - 20 secs <20 secs


What's Being Measured Again?

This is an excellent measure of quadriceps endurance.

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