Leg Press Machine Exercise Test

You can assess your leg strength quickly and easily with the leg press machine exercise test. Usually performed in the gym, you can over time measure your increased strength due to fitness and training.

What's The Point?

Athletes need strong legs, and the leg press machine exercise test is an excellent way to measure this.

In particular you will measure the strength of the following muscle groups:

  • Knee extensors
  • Hip extensors

This is a 1 RM (one rep max) test, so you will be working to find the most you can lift.

What Do You Need?

  • Leg press machine

How Do You Perform The Test?

  • Warm-up thoroughly
  • Sit comfortably in the machine, with your hands grasping the handles
  • Keep your back straight and legs parallel throughout
  • Place your feet on the foot plate your legs should be bent at around 60 90 degrees
  • Begin by lifting a weight that you believe is close to your maximum
  • Press outward until your legs are fully extended, but avoid locking your knees
  • Pause momentarily, then slowly lower the weight back to the start position
  • Each time you perform a successful lift, rest for 3-5 minutes
  • Increase the weight by 2 to 5 kg for the next lift
  • Continue until the maximum lift is achieved

What Results You'll See

This is a test where comparative results over time will allow you to measure the development of your leg strength.

What's Being Measured Again?

This is an excellent way to measure leg strength.

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