Hip Flexion Test

Simple to perform, the hip flexion test is an easy way to assess normal function of the hip flexor muscles. These muscles serve a key function lifting your knees so correct functioning is crucial.

What's The Point?

The objective of the hip flexion test is to monitor the development of your hip flexors muscles.

What Do You Need?

All that is required is a comfortable non-slip surface an exercise or yoga mat would be ideal.

How Do You Do The Test?

  • Lie down on your back (prone)
  • Lift your left knee, and using your hands, pull your left knee to your chest
  • Repeat with your other leg

What Results You'll See

Normal flexibility is indicated if the right leg remains flat on the floor when your left leg is pulled to the chest, and vice versa.

If, as you attempt to lift your left knee toward your chest, the other leg leaves the floor, your hip flexors are considered to be too tight. If this is the case you should begin a regular stretching program designed to increase the flexibility of these muscles.

What's Being Measured Again?

This is an easy way to assess the development of the hip flexor muscles.

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