Second Class Levers

Although they arent found in the human body, Second Class Levers can be used to help us move in certain positions.

Why the body uses levers.

Levers of various types are used by the human body as an aid to movement by changing the position of the fulcrum you can change how much the force is be multiplied, and thus the effort required to move the load.

Principle of a lever.

If you want to move a very large load with a small applied force, it is necessary to put the fulcrum very close to the load.

What is different about 2nd class levers.

2nd class levers are interesting, as the fulcrum is at one end, the applied force at the other, and the load that is to be moved is between them. What is different about this lever is that it causes the load to move in the same direction as the force you apply if this is hard to picture, think of a wheelbarrow.

An example of a second lever.

Humans use this principal when performing a full-body push-up. In this case your feet act as the fulcrum, your body weight is the resistance, and the effort is applied through the hands pressing against the ground.

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