Fitness Job Descriptions

Whether you want to be a PT, fitness instructor or yoga teacher, why not read through a few job descriptions to get a flavour of the different roles and careers that are available to you in the fitness industry

If you're seriously considering a change in career or are starting out for the first time, knowing what's involved in a job is pretty important! You may think a personal trainer is all about training celebrities, but do you know you also have a lot of research to keep on top of to keep abreast of the latest trends in the fitness world?

The quickest way to save yourself time and hassle, is to browse through a range of job descriptions. When you're looking you can then eliminate those jobs you don't feel excited or motivated by. Role profiles give you a fair outline of what's involved.

Fitness instructor courses found in our dedicated section provide all the information about their company, the course, and a link to their website so you can find out more about the fitness instructor courses on offer.

*** Please be aware that the NRPT does not run courses itself, nor can it provide prospectuses, costs, venues, or other detailed course information. You MUST contact the training providers directly for more information. ***

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