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Finding full-time personal trainer jobs will require qualifications, usually some experience and, if you want the plum jobs, some diligence. Whilst there are lots of freelance positions available, good full time jobs are harder to come by.

What Makes a Full-Time Job?

So there's actually two types of full-time personal trainer jobs. There's the kind where you work for a gym / studio and you are contracted to be there from say 7am - 3pm or 12pm - 8pm to fulfil training hours as well as other duties. Or, there's working for yourself where full-time means you are working 40+ hours per week at all sorts of times.

The latter is more usual as many clients are only available on evenings and weekends, thus requiring you to work irregular hours.

Working in a Gym to Normalise Hours

The more 'traditional' full time positions tend to be restricted to up-market health clubs that have a steady stream of clients throughout the day. Likewise, corporate gyms also offer the right vacancies as they have employees that are able to attend at different times during the day.

When you're employed the actual reality for most is a steady gym instructor position, with some private clients fitted in around their shifts at the gym.

Full Time as Self Employed or Freelance

This is where you're simply looking at the number of hours you'll need to put in each week - to classify the job as full time. You will probably have to work early mornings, some lunches and then post-work each day, plus some weekends. However, the rewards are more money, your own client base and 'some' flexibility over timings.

What Qualifications are Needed?

To work in this field you need a recognised qualification, ideally one that will allow you entry to Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity – CIMSPA. Examples of qualifications that would allow you to join CIMSPA at level 3 include:

  • NVQ Level 3 in Instructing Physical Activity and Exercise (awarded by City and Guilds, Active IQ, OCR, VTCT and CYQ)
  • Level 3 Certificate in Advanced Fitness Instructing (awarded by Active IQ, City & Guilds, CYQ, NCFE, VTCT and OCR)
  • Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training (awarded by Active IQ and CYQ) However, if your goal is to make yourself more marketable, then you will need to consider further training at Level 4 - as your technical skills increase this will open up a variety of other positions.

In Summary

A full time PT job can be found either for an employer or yourself. How you want to work your week will depend on your circumstances and preferences. You will make most money by being your own boss and putting the hours in!

By Ian Duncan

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