Transport of CO2

The transportation of CO2 is one of the key roles of the respiratory system, allowing the movemnt of waste products out of the body.

Why its important to use CO2.

Why is the transport of CO2 important? It is one of the primary functions of the cardiovascular system, and is crucial because it is an efficient way for the body to get rid of a waste product.

Transporting CO2.

The main vehicle for the transport of CO2 is the blood. Our blood performs a number of functions which are vital for our survival. One of the main ones is bringing essentials, such as nutrients and oxygen, from central locations (e.g. lungs, small intestine) to the rest of the body.

Its like a car!! 

However it doesnt just deliver the good stuff, it also takes away the bad stuff. In the same way that your car produces exhaust gases when the engine is running, when your cells function, they produce waste primarily carbon dioxide. If this remains in your cells, they cease to function properly, and will ultimately die. They therefore need a way to get this waste out of the cells, and ultimately, out of the body.

Using cells.

The system your body uses is elegant and simple in the same way that oxygen passes from the blood, through the walls of tiny capillaries and into the cells, it also allows carbon dioxide to pass from the cells, back into the blood. The blood then carries it around the to lungs, from where it can be breathed out of the body.

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