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New You Personal Training

About Me

I work with you at your chosen location at a time that suits you.

Get fit, look and feel great!

What Can I Do For You?

I am a Level 3 qualified Personal Trainer based in Chippenham.

I provide a mobile training service and will work with you at your chosen location at a time that suits you, for example at your own home, local recreational area or place of work.  

There is no secret to making life style changes such as improving fitness, weight is about hard work!

My part in the process is to understand your true goals, create a structured programme around these goals whilst ensuring time lines are realistic. Critical to this will be my ability to build progression into the programme to ensure you are challenged safely and motivation remains high.

You will receive an exercise programme tailored to your individual goals which will also allow you to supplement the 1 to 1 sessions with training on your own. I can also provide nutritional advice with dedicated programmes to support healthy eating and assist in effective weight management.

I "go that extra mile" and take a client's results personally. Key is ensuring the sessions are enjoyable and you remain motivated. To support this I bring over 20 years' experience of motivational skills, 15 years of sports coaching and an understanding that people's requirements differ i.e. I offer training that is also based on my own life experiences, meaning I am always sympathetic to your individual needs which allows strong relationships to be developed. I am also able to provide safe training for clients with various medical conditions, including hypertension, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis.... The start of the process is an initial Consultation to determine your goals (short and long term) followed by an Assessment (consisting of a number of static and dynamic tests) to gauge your current levels of fitness (both Consultation & Assessment are free). 

I cover the following areas: Chippenham, Bath, Malmesbury, Trowbridge, Swindon and close locations.







What Are My Charges?

Prices start from £33.00 per session

What Are My Qualifications?

  • Premier - Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training
  • Premier - Certificate in Circuit Training
  • Premier - Certificate in Fitness Instruction (Level 2)
  • Premier - Certificate in Kettlebell Training

What Training Do I Specialise In?

  • Circuit Training
  • Corporate Wellness
  • Fitness 50+ / Seniors
  • Fitness Classes
  • Flexibility & Mobility
  • Nutrition & Weight Management
  • Sports Coaching
  • Strength Training / Conditioning
  • Toning
  • Exercise Referral


Richard has motivated me not only through his excellent training sessions but also by encouraging me to to look at the food I eat and helping me to improve my diet. I enjoy the variety of the sessions which are buoyed by Richard’s enthusiasm and encouragement. Chris Freeman November 2019

Richard was my personal trainer for about a year , until I moved from the area.  I searched the internet for a personal trainer who would keep me motivated and not `be too gentle` in my exercise routines! I particularly wanted help in strengthening my knees and hips and keeping my joints flexible. Richard met all my hopes and wishes; he ensured the PT programme was varied and challenging without making me feel I couldn’t do what was asked of me. Richard was always polite and motivating and I  even enjoyed my sessions…are you allowed to do that? Richard was always reliable and a pleasant man to engage with during the PT sessions . I am pleased to have found him and if I had not moved from the area I would still be engaging Richard.  Pat McAuliffe April 2019

As a busy mum who travels with work, being able to train in my own home with a bespoke programme has been brilliant and Richard is great at tailoring each work out to my specific goals. What has been even more amazing is that I didn't need to stop training when I was pregnant with my second child - Richard adapted the programme based on medical advice and research which allowed me to be able to continue training throughout my pregnancy and I always felt safe under careful instruction. Always prepared, always on time and a complete professional, I'd highly recommend Richard to anyone who wants to fit in some regular exercise with a busy life!   Beth Mitchel November 2018

I have been training with Richard for about 8 months. I was reasonably fit but want to lose weight and improve my fitness further. It has been a great success. I enjoy the sessions, working much harder than I would by myself at the gym or a workout class.  The sessions are well-planned, using a variety of equipment; any improvements I make are recorded carefully which is very motivational. I especially enjoy lifting weights which I had never really done before – Richard is meticulous about position and technique allowing me to increase the weights I lift, whilst feeling very safe. I have lost over a stone in weight and have toned my upper and lower body significantly meaning I am wearing 1-2 sizes smaller clothes. I would thoroughly recommend giving training with Richard a go!  Liz Craig Oct 2018 

Following breast cancer and breast surgery I wanted to try and regain a new “normal”, so embarked on a program of rehabilitation with Richard. I have gone from strength to strength and the progression I have made over the 18 months has been brilliant. Richard is so professional in all aspects of his business, from the planning he puts in to your session, to the meticulous questions on your health and well-being. Yet with his professionalism comes his approachability, his encouragement and a partnership to success and results!   Kate Ellis  October 2018

Six months after open-heart surgery, and as soon as I was signed off by my doctor, I was keen to improve my fitness so started working with Richard. At first, I was extremely cautious, but with Richard’s meticulous planning and watchful eye during exercising, my confidence increased and after 6 months my fitness is now back to where it was a couple of years ago. With Richard’s technical and motivation skills, I am now planning to continue on my quest to get to my ideal weight target and to take my fitness to an even higher level.   Iain Craig October 2018

I’ve been training with Richard since August 2017 and have truly benefited from the sessions. I turned 40 this year and felt that it was ‘now or never’ for me to both getting in shape and lose some weight. Richard has supported me with both these goals with his friendly and knowledgeable approach to both the training sessions and food management.

Richard’s training session are intensive but manageable, they are always a stretch but never unreachable. I like to understand why we are doing something and Richard always has an explanation and a context for the exercises. Like-wise with my weight loss goals, Richard has taken the time to explain the food diary process and then to research other options for my favourite foods, so I don’t feel like I’m missing out.

Overall, Richard provides a supportive environment to achieve my goals. He is enthusiastic, caring, knowledgeable and an excellent trainer.   Ruth Massie-Rose February 2018

  I didn’t anticipate the multiple benefits that personal training was going to give me before I signed up with Richard of New You. Having had a rather miserable couple of years battling the Menopause I decided to sign up to a personal training program with Richard this April.  I had read plenty of articles about menopausal symptoms of achy bones, sleepless nights, weight gain and irritability to name a few and I have to confess I had tried many of the tips and hints to combat the ever-increasing list that was affecting my lifestyle.  Exercise and diet were the two common threads running through every Menopause article so having been referred to New You by a friend I embarked on a twice weekly routine of weights and cardio vascular exercise to help strengthen my bones, tone my muscles and generally make me fitter. I have a very full on week with a busy job and busy domestic schedule so initially I wasn’t sure how I was going to fit in a regular exercise routine let alone stick to it but as I prefer to exercise in the early morning and because Richard comes to my house it has given me the time and ideal flexibility to fit my sessions in before my work day starts. With Richard’s expert guidance and encouragement I have gradually built up my strength and ability with the routines he sets and I enjoy and look forward to the challenge at each session.  Aside of the obvious muscle ache after a good workout I have not once damaged myself or been in pain which is testament to Richard’s care when planning sessions and his attention to technique during the exercises. My diet on the whole has always been good but Richard gave me advice on some adjustments that I could make to further reduce my intake of fats and sugars by changing brands so with some small tweaks here and there I am benefiting from improved energy levels and weight loss.  The diet and exercise go hand in hand and over the past four months I have also noticed a huge improvement in my sleep pattern, my stress levels and my mobility and fitness. I really look forward to my personal training sessions and I’m thrilled with the improvements to my health and wellbeing…I genuinely haven’t felt this well or had this much energy for several years. I can recommend it wholeheartedly.   Enjoy.   September 2017

  Richard has rekindled my joy and passion for fitness. I am an ex-personal trainer, and although I have the knowledge of fitness and exercise, I had no motivation, and I was spiralling towards low self- esteem and no confidence and was signed off work with depression in March. All the excuses I had heard as a personal trainer I was using, such as I had no time because I have two young daughters age 6 and 7 years old to look after, a part-time stressful job, and studying. I was also comfort eating and drinking which made me put on weight. I recognised all these signs and when I ran the Bath Half marathon in March and struggled, I knew I needed help to get back on track to feeling fit and healthy again.

  I am so pleased to have started personal training with Richard and be the client for a change. Richard identified the key areas I needed to work on, that I had missed myself, and the improvements have been tremendous. I recently ran 3 miles in 35 minutes where previously it had taken me 42 minutes. It’s helped my martial arts where my instructor has noticed a difference. My blood pressure is back to normal, and I have lost 4cm around my waist. Most of all I feel confident, strong, and fit again, and have started to accept my post-baby 40 plus years old body and love it! I can’t thank Richard enough for helping me not only with my fitness, but with my mental wellbeing too. He is friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and a great personal trainer to work with. The aftercare is great and he’s always got advice. I would highly recommend him to anyone, from an experienced exerciser, ex-personal trainer runner and martial artist like myself, to anyone who hasn’t done any exercise in their life.    Catherine Skuse – June 2017

I have been training with Richard since the begining of January.He has taken great care to tailor my fitness plan to me and the goals I want to achieve and is careful to work me through increased levels at a pace that's right for me and balances my fitness and weight loss goals. He is very patient and is great at adapting his style to work with my differing motivations and moods without compromising the need for me to worrk through my personal programme every time we meet. He takes the time to explain things and is very motivating in terms of being encouraging and supportive. His aftercare follow up helps me to keep on plan during the week as well. I can thoroughly recommend him!

Pippa Richardson March 17.

I can thoroughly recommend Richard as a Personal Trainer. He makes me work hard and challenge myself but also makes it fun to train and improve my fitness. My fitness goal with Richard is to increase my strength so we are concentrating on weight-lifting, each session however includes all aspects of fitness including cardio and flexibility. He is very careful about my technique and I know I will never get injured as a result. He also gives me precise notes for my homework sessions so that even when I workout on my own I am following a plan and he is keeping an eye on what I am doing. Richard is very knowledgeable and we chat about all aspects of fitness and well-being. He promotes the fact that the benefits of exercise go way beyond our physical health to also improve, for instance, our stress levels and self-confidence. My main reason for working with a Personal Trainer is to enjoy what I do so that I don't give up. This is certainly the case with Richard as he seems to have an infinite number of ideas to keep things interesting and fun and no two sessions are ever the same. 

Ruth Gaunt March 17

If you're like me and have reached your mid 40's and realised that it is getting even harder to keep the weight off, but also absolutely do not want to go anywhere near a gym, then I would recommend a chat with Richard.

Though I have known Richard for 20 years it is only recently that we have started to work together. Almost at the end of my initial 12 week program I have lost weight and feel much healthier. Richard finds a good balance between just pushing me enough so it makes a difference without making me dread each Thursday and Sunday workout!

Joe - March  2017

Where I Train

Your Home :


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Geographical Areas Covered

  • Chippenham
  • Twatley, Malmesbury
  • Bathwick, Bath
  • Canal Road Industrial Estate, Trowbridge
  • Swindon


Get in Touch


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Useful Information

Member Since: Mar 2017

  • Insurance: Hiscox (9288695)
  • First Aid: AcitveIQ

Gender: Male
Age: 60