Searching For The Right Job

Job Search

Finding a job looks, on paper, to be a simple task. Search using the local or national press or head straight to online job sites. But the challenge for many job seekers is that a lot of jobs never get advertised. So here are some tips as to how to find out about possible opportunities.


Never underestimate the power of networking. Many employers will not want to go to the effort and cost of advertising roles. They will instead approach people for jobs direct or ask around. We may not agree with this approach but it is reality. So how can you ensure that you don’t get left out?

Firstly make sure you attend any conferences or lectures relevant to your chosen profession. It is a great way to ensure you are up to date with developments but you will get contacts and be in a position to introduce yourself to people who could be very useful to you in the future. Make sure you have a business card to hand out. Don’t forget to ask friends and family to let you know if they hear anything. They can also be a part of your network.

Be Bold

Draw up a list of employers you would like to work for and then approach them. They may not have a vacancy but if you impress them you may then be the first to hear about any future vacancies that arise. Be careful about how you do this though, you don’t want to annoy or get in the way. Call the manager and ask when it is suitable for you to have a chat with them. Send in your CV with an accompanying letter that asks them to keep you in mind.


In addition to the above you could also ask if you could do some work experience with your chosen employer which is voluntary. You may not be able to afford this but if you can it could be a great way to get experience, add a name to your CV and show people that you are serious. In addition it gets you under the nose of a future employer.

Jobsites / Newspapers

Do check out websites that relate to your sector and also keep an eye on newspaper ads. Many employers will use these to ensure that they get their brand out there and also that they meet equal opportunity legislation.


Fast becoming the place to head to for B2B (Business to Business) deals, connections and jobs, make sure you are registered here now and start building your business connections carefully and wisely to spread your net.

Jobcentre Plus

Your preferred employer may also advertise at your local jobcentre so ask them if this is a possibility. Again the staff at your local centre could be very supportive of you.

In Summary

Rather than relying on just one route, make sure you have fingers in all the pies you possibly can. You may never know where the next opportunity is coming from, but by using different options you can be assured you're maximising your chances.

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