Professional Footballers Use Pilates & Personal Trainers

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Professional footballers and footballers of all skill levels have started using Pilates on a regular basis to bring their games to the next level.

This is because this activity tends to strengthen muscles that are important to this sport as well as ones that many other types of football training methods do not address as much as they should. Many footballers have personal trainers to help them achieve this so they stay on track and have a buddy to help them achieve their goals.


Balance is such an important part of this sport. For example, footballers are often attempting to pass, shoot or save shots while off balance. Pilates can help provide more stability, which allows more strength to be generated from the legs during these pivotal moments of the match.

Imbalance Reduction

Pilates also helps players' balance in that its movements are focused on both sides of the body. Conversely, a football player may regularly favour one leg when passing or shooting, which results in that player being more easily defended amongst other things. Pilates helps balance that focus some.


One of the biggest benefits of practicing Pilates is how much it can improve your core strength. Footballers have started to realize that strengthening their cores through Pilates has resulted in quite an improvement in their play, especially as it relates to skills such as staying on their feet.


Pilates helps footballers enjoy more flexibility than they otherwise would have been able to. This is important as flexibility not only allows more muscles to be used to their full capacity, but it also has quite an impact on injury reduction as pulled muscles and other types of muscle-related injuries happen much less often to players who have increased their flexibility through Pilates.

Multi-Directional Workouts

One way in which football is similar to Pilates is that both involve working the body in all types of movements and directions. When you're on the pitch, you often stop and start, turn, slide and jump. You're doing a much greater variety of things than, for example, a 100-meter sprinter is. Meanwhile, many gym workouts such as squats and treadmill running are solely focused on one type of movement.

Injury Reduction

Not only do footballers who regularly practice Pilates experience fewer muscle-related injuries, but they also experience fewer injuries of all types. It’s worth noting It is always keeping an eye on which footballer are injured to increase your sports betting bonus, as they will be sidelined and a possible weaker team field injuries could include frustrating and sometimes devastating injuries ranging from sprained ankles to cruciate ligament tears.

This is because Pilates helps strengthen the muscles around joints such as around the knees to reduce the chances that the connecting joints and ligaments will suffer from strains and tears when players are fatigued at the end of a match.

Injury Recovery


If you did get injured while on the pitch or otherwise, Pilates can serve as a great way to keep in top shape, even if you're unable to use your entire body. You can focus your Pilates on unaffected parts of your body at this time while this activity can also help the injured parts get better when those are carefully focused on.

By Ian Duncan

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