Choosing Your Personal Trainer

choose your trainer

When you're choosing a personal trainer, it's important to consider a few things carefully before jumping in. When you choose, think of it as you would a car or house - there's a bit of ground work and research, then a comparison stage.

Choosing your personal trainer is not something you should take lightly. For starters, making sure that the PT you find has the right expertise that's directly relevant for you is a good starting point. No point getting the world's greatest Yoga trainer, if you want to do weightlifting!

How To Choose a Personal Trainer

First off, make sure the PT is registered with the NRPT or REPs. The former is the UK's leading PT directory since 1999 and we check qualifications and insurance before allowing any trainers to become members. The latter is the Government backed Register of Exercise Professionals.

Secondly, do you own checks to ensure the personal trainer you are thinking of using is fully insured. Under no circumstances use a personal trainer who has no insurance or can't produce the certificate as you will not be covered if they injure you.

You are presumably hiring a personal trainer because you need help with either general fitness, or something more specific. Either way make sure the personal trainer you are thinking of using is qualified in the area you are interested in.

What Other Things to Think About?

When thinking of hiring a personal trainer if possible enquire amongst your friends to see if they can recommend you a personal trainer to help you get started with your fitness.

When selecting a personal trainer decide where you want the sessions to take place in your home, a park or a gym. Some personal trainers will cater to all three, other trainers will not.

Remember that you will be spending a lot of time with you personal trainer, so it is important that the two of you get along.  Make sure your personal trainer is a sociable kind of person.

An experienced personal trainer will be more knowledgeable in all areas of health and fitness.  A personal trainer with experience will help you reach your fitness goals quickly.

Check the personal trainer you are thinking of using has enough availability to fit in the amount of fitness sessions you want to do.

Feel free to get some testimonials off the personal trainer you are thinking of using. Check with his or her previous personal training clients to ensure they get results quickly and suit your fitness needs.

In Summary

If you choose wisely, you'll see the benefits. Rushing your decision may not only see you lose interest in your fitness, but you'll spend an awful lot of money finding it out.

A little bit of effort and a bit of gut feel should see you find a PT that can motivate and support you and you might even have a few laughs on the way. Whether you are after rehab, weight loss or increased strength, trainers are a great way to get yourself back on track fitness-wise.

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