Slam Balls

As they sound, slam balls are designed to be slammed into the ground/mat as an exercise. Why? Because it will help you with your explosive power and strength for abdomen, lower back and arms.

If you want to focus on your core and lower back muscles, then slam balls are surprisingly good. Knowing how to use a slam ball is the key to unlock it's benefits. Holding it above your head, then an explosive bend from the waist and slamming the ball down will work your core and back in one simple movement. It's also intensely satisfying - even after the 5th time!

Made of a special non slip rubber compound, these non bouncing balls are perfect as they designed not to bounce - meaning you don't have to worry about will happen when it hits the floor at full pelt. It's not advisable to throw on concrete however, as this will invalidate the warranty.

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slam ball buying guide

Slam Ball Buying Guide

Slam balls are very similar to medicine balls built there are differences. In essence a slam ball is more durable and is designed to withstand high velocity impact. In this sense they are a bit tougher, so whether you buy a slam or medicine ball does depend on what you want to do.

Exactly What is a Slam Ball?

Slam balls are non-bouncing balls about the size of a basketball. They have a tough rubber outer shell filled with a mixture of air and sand. Medicine balls in contrast can be bought as bouncing balls and some are soft and pliable. Slam balls can be bought in 5 pound increments up to 50 pounds.

As the name suggest slam balls are used for slamming exercises like ball slams and chest throws against a wall. The key things to remember when buying one is that whatever you are slamming it against needs to be able to withstand the impact. Some slam balls have a rope through the centre making holding the ball a little easier.

What to Look for When Buying a Slam Ball

Durability is clearly pretty essential in a slam ball as it has to withstand a lot of impact. Look at how thick the outer shell is, many will be 3mm and say that they will not bust or leak. Check what surface the slam ball is suitable for. So for example some models will say that they are not suitable for slamming on concrete or gravel, which would make them unsuitable if you were planning to use it outside. If you want to use your slam ball outside then look for ‘weatherproof’ and the terms ‘take outdoors and on any surface’.

Many are also engineered with a dead bounce so that when you slam the ball down it will be there waiting for you to pick it up again.

Check out the warranty, many come with as much as a 3 year warranty. But also beware the wording on some warranties as they are dependent on the surface that you will use the ball on. We have read many’ wear and tear due to impact on rough surface is not covered under warranty’.

In addition look at the grip, you want it to be textured so it’s easy to hold but not too rough against your skin. Also check the stitching. Look to see if it is mentioned at all, some will come with more than one line of stitching.

What Will a Slam Ball Do For You?

Slam balls are a great way to increase power, speed, strength and acceleration. They are also great for core training as they are not completely filled which means they have an instability to them. Some of the most common exercises include the soccer throw where you mimic a throw that a football goalie would do. You can throw the ball against a sturdy wall or to a partner.

Then there are ground slams. Throw the ball in front of you vertically to the ground. This is a great way to work out the entire body. You can then do the heavy ball slam from the knees and the burpee slam. In fact the range of exercises goes on making this a very flexible piece of equipment.

 So you can do the squat throw to sprint where you start by standing over the ball with your feet shoulder width apart, squat down to pick up the ball and then explode upwards. Start with three sets of three different exercises with 60-90 seconds rest between rounds.

Due to the nature of the slam ball they are also a great way to relieve stress and boost your metabolism.

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