Functional Training Accessories

Functional training equipment

With a range of accessories like battling ropes, slam balls and core conditioning equipment, all your functional training needs can be met right here! So just what is Functional Training?


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What is Functional Training?

This is where your training uses exercises that improve your movement in a number of basic functional movement patterns. So the exercises you undertake, help to train your muscles to work together.

Functional training patterns include carrying, rotating, pulling, pushing and squatting. Training these specific exercises is designed to enhance your performance and give you more strength, power, mobility, endurance, flexibility and power.

Is Functional Training For You?

Now you know what it is, is it right for you? Training your body for activities you perform in your daily life is a great way to help prevent injury. Used by physios, it can lead to better joint mobility and stability, meaning prevention of injuries as well as you gaining in strength and fitness too.

If you're older then functional training can help you improve your balance, your agility and your muscle strength. This can all help to prevent falls or uneasiness when you're out walking. If you're younger, then as many of the exercises are multi joint and multi muscles, your everyday activities become easier as well as you gaining in strength and core strength in particular.

What Type of Equipment Is Needed?

The equipment you need varies from the cost effective home items like battling ropes or slam balls to more expensive functional rigs that come with attachments and systems that allow for suspension trainers, punch bags and platforms for plyometric exercises. The latter are really more for studios or dedicated home gyms,

With a lot of the accessory end you can buy individual weights and sizes cheaply and then add to your equipment each month as you can afford to and need to for your fitness and increased strength.

In Summary

With increased interest in more functional training, workouts can benefit from the natural action as a way to help prevent injury as well as build core strength and body tone. Personal trainers tend to swear by a lot of the functional equipment and most of it is fairly simple and easy to use. What's even better is that most of it is fairly priced and so accessible to anyone that wants to have their own home gym.

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