Personal Trainer Characteristics

Being a personal trainer requires one to have a special set of personality characteristics.  Personal trainer characteristics that are useful to the position include a passion and dedication to the fitness training industry. This person is someone who loves exercise and finds fulfillment in teaching others about it. So what characteristics are needed?

Whilst not essential, the following characteristics will certainly help you get on as a personal trainer :

    Outgoing & friendly personality
    Good communication skills
    Willing to learn new skills
    Good organisational skills

Of course it also helps if you're flexible, like being around different types of people and you're willing to work hard to market yourself for new business.


A professional personal trainer also has a thorough understanding of how the body moves and functions. This knowledge is based on human anatomy, kinesiology, exercise physiology, exercise programming, biomechanics and nutrition. As a coach and teacher to their clients, personal trainers are able to blend education and motivation into a planned exercise program which they also supervise the implementation of. This plan is devised to help their clients reach their fitness goals.


Having an excellent ability to communicate with clients is essential to the role of personal trainer. The trainer acts as a guiding force as they direct their clients on a path of increased well-being and health.  The personal trainer characteristics that make a good trainer will also include well developed sales and business sense in order to gain and retain clients. Being in the position of personal trainer requires one to continuously learn in order to provide the most comprehensive and effective nutritional and training advice to their clients. The successful personal trainer will know how to sell his or her skills to their clients, and convince them that they will benefit from the knowledge and instruction that a personal trainer can pass onto them through training sessions.


The personal trainer characteristics that help clients to succeed will include a willingness to assist and respond appropriately to client needs. Trainers must also be careful to oversee and communicate the principles of the training program in a manner that is safe to the client. When the training becomes difficult, or when the client lacks the necessary motivation to follow the program through areas of challenge; the personal trainer must be perceptive enough to know when to offer adequate support and encouragement.


A personal trainer needs to be honest and perform their role as a leader with integrity. When a person has unrealistic goals, or does not understand the correct motives behind the exercise program, the trainer needs to gently explain to the client in a way that is not insulting or demotivating. The trainer should be able to understand their client’s mentality and respond appropriately to the efforts of that particular client. All clients are different; therefore the personal trainer should be flexible and adaptable in their teaching and communication style. A personal trainer must also be a good listener, in order to know what the clients are trying to communicate. The trainer will provide feedback and insight on how the training is progressing and be able to keep the client engaged in his or her fitness program.


Being a personal trainer require commitment to the program that is designed to realize both a long term and short term set of goals. If the program is not going as expected, the trainer must restructure the program in order to suit the needs and ability of the client that they are training. It takes patience to deal with clients and to work in a sequential manner through the parameters of the designed program. Trainers must never become frustrated with their clients and must always strive to keep on track, and lead the client through the program despite difficult times.


Having an energetic personality is an important characteristic in order to help see a client through his or her training program. Even after teaching several hours in one day, and perhaps traveling to meet with several different clients in that day; a personal trainer must try to be energetic and motivated, otherwise clients will not be so either. A trainer will seek to dedicate their skills and talents to helping the client to reach their health and fitness goals despite any obstacles that are presented.

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