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Do you always get the results you desire with your clients? You keep up your side of the bargain, but do your clients keep up theirs? When you can influence a clients diet, you will see better results and so will they.

Good nutrition is vital to any workout - it’s 70% nutrition and 30% exercise.  Any workout schedules is incomplete without a good nutritional plan. 

Your clients’ won't reap the full benefits of your workouts if they're not eating well. Imagine if you could take control of your clients diet, and get the foods you choose (together) delivered to their door.  You can take control of calories, macro nutrients and meal options.  The Gym Chef system allows you to eliminate any food, or food groups and still present you with hundreds of choices.  Gym Chef caters to all health, lifestyle and religious preferences.

Gym Chef offer Personal Trainers franchise programmes to help you deliver the complete package, helping you and your clients’ achieve greater results.  Your clients might be working hard, but if they’re not addressing their nutritional regime, a lifetime of crunches is never going to reveal their abs - abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym. Together Gym Chef and Personal Trainers can deliver the ultimate body management solution.

Gym Chef assists personal trainers by providing the right food in proper portions. Gym Chef diet plans have been designed to give your clients a helping hand and get them on the right track.  We offer six nutritional programmes that assist in building muscle, trimming fat and keeping the body in peak condition. Proper nutrition is essential to help your muscles grow and repair after working out. Nutritional needs change to meet the demands you are placing on your muscles when you are working out. 

Gym Chef offer multiple calorie options depending whether you are looking to assist weight loss, weight maintenance and muscle gain. Each Gym Chef diet plan includes three deliciously healthy meals a day, and snacks.  Our tailored eating programmes use healthy fresh foods, and remove temptations - It’s so easy, if it’s not in the box, don't eat it.

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By Ian Duncan

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