Want to Learn About Training Courses?

There's many options for people who want to learn about personal training. Whether you find free personal trainer courses, or pay your own way, if you want to make fitness your career then there are many ways and means.

You may be able to take free personal trainer courses online for no cost and obtain a certificate, however this may not qualify you to practice as a personal trainer unless your 'free personal trainer course certificate' is recognised through the registry of exercise professionals in the UK.

If you want to learn about personal training as your own personal interest and hobby then this may be a good option for you as it will certainly save you money. The free programs will be offered online and will not have a classroom component.

Some educational institutions offer apprenticeship programs that are able to train staff for fitness facilities or individual trainers within their free personal trainer course structure.

So Why Choose Personal Training?

It is important to know what you intend to do with your free personal trainer course certificate in order to ensure that you are qualified as a practitioner and have insurance coverage to practice safely.

If you do not have proper qualifications from your free course you may not be able to get a job and you could legally jeopardize your career. To practice as a professional personal trainer in the UK, you must have a level three certificate in personal training.

If you do not possess this certification you may not be able to find professional employment as a personal trainer in the UK. Some apprenticeship programs do in fact qualify you to become a professionally registered trainer.

Institutions that offer free personal trainer courses may not require you to have any previous degree. In order to qualify for apprenticeship programs, you may need to be employed in the industry currently and earn a certain amount of money. You may also not be funded by any other sources if you are going to be accepted into an apprenticeship program. The student must be over the age of sixteen in order to be accepted into most training programs.

Training programs can vary in their intensity and their offering of course materials and credentials. The best way to ascertain whether or not the course is going to be appropriate for you is to check on the internet with other sites like coursefeeder.co.uk to look at a range of training courses and to find programs that are relevant to you and the area that you live in.

How do Free Personal Trainer Courses Work?

Institutions sometimes offer courses as an apprenticeship. They are able to do so because they obtain funding from the government to offer training to those individuals that are able to qualify for the range of training programs that they offer.

For this free personal training program, the student will be visited by a tutor every several weeks at their place of employment so that they can gather evidence that is related to work based qualifications and applicable to the apprenticeship. The student will also be expected to attend workshops that will enhance their understanding and knowledge of the personal training industry.

The study program can last for a period of nine to twelve months on average. The prospective student will need to discuss qualification requirements with a member of the organization and see if they are eligible for the free personal training program.

There may be a voluntary work placement that is offered to the student in order to gain experience working in the industry. A method to travel to the workplace may also be offered to suitable candidates. Through the experience that one gains in this program, an individual may gain qualifications in the program. A student may also be assisted in their efforts to find permanent employment.


In Summary

The reality is, as always, there's no 'free lunch' as such, so you are unlikely to be gaining a valuable qualification for absolutely no input or money.

However, gaining funding via the 19+ Government scheme or by other means like a loan or through Interest Free Finance, means that you can now afford to undertake a Level 3 Personal Trainer course that will help you quality as a personal Trainer.

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