Which Strength Training Equipment to choose?

Choosing which strength equipment will depend on space, budget and your style of training, so lets explore what your options are.

If you know how to use strength training equipment properly, you will dramatically increase the benefits from your workouts.

which strength equipmentLook around any gym and you'll see a variety of strength training equipment - while you know might what some of it is for, there may also be other items that you're not sure how to use.

If you take the time to learn what each and every piece of strength training equipment is for, and what it has to offer you, you will open up a whole range of options for your workouts.

In general, strength training equipment falls into three categories:

  • Free weights :

    Free weights include barbells and dumbbells. They are a key part of any resistance workout, offering endless options, and the maximum benefit on almost any given exercise.
  • Machines :

    Machines are excellent for beginners, as a way of learning good form and technique. They also allow you to lift quite heavily without needing a second person to 'spot' you. There are also some machines which offer even experienced lifters a movement they can't duplicate using free weights - for example, cable machines.
  • Accessories :

    Accessories allow you to get the most from free-weights and machines. They can add a lot to a workout, for example the various handles and ropes available for cable machines can make a big difference to how a particular exercise works the body.


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By Ian Duncan

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